Planning to Relocate to Another Country? Why You Should Stop

People fancy the idea of moving to another country, seeing it a silver bullet to all challenges. Here are the points why you should abandon that idea.

People move to foreign countries for different reasons. For example, some do not like the political leaders in their home countries and would want to move to other countries where they feel their opinions are likely to be appreciated. Some may be looking for better job opportunities that they feel they cannot access in their countries. Others are just explorers who want to experience life in the foreign counties, see new things, and have the first-hand experience with a culture that is different from their own.

When you move to a different country, you may have this feeling that you have made the right move and all your things are likely to fall into place from there onwards. However, that is not the case. There cases where you are likely to find things even tougher than you expected. Therefore, before you sell the property, you have to go to the country, people have been telling you is “heaven,” you need to pose and ask yourself if you are making a good move. Here are reasons why you should avoid foreign countries:

Getting to Understand a Completely Different Language Is Tough

Most people move to countries where the predominant language is not what they are used to. For instance, a person from a country where the widespread language is English may move to a Spanish dominated country. It can be tough to adjust to the new official language. You can feel like an outsider for a long period. You need to know that language is not just the words; there are other aspects incorporated, such as:

  • Culture
  • Contextual use of words
  • Trends in the use of phrases

It hurts when people are making jokes around you, and you cannot join in the laughter because you do not know English to Hmong translations. It can get to a point where you feel like you are the subject of people’s discussions because you cannot understand what the persons are saying. That can affect your self-esteem and even draw you towards depression. After that, the feeling that you came to a better place disappear and you feel like you need to go back home. Instead of being overwhelmed with such feelings, it is advisable to stay in your own country.

Adjusting to a New Environment Is Hard

Human love places where they are used to the way things work. In your home country, you already know how to address different class of people, the meals to expect at different times, you can easily predict the weather. When you move to another place, you need to learn things all over again. In some cases, the weather may be so extreme that you end up being unwell. That means you spend a long time adjusting to the weather when you would have been moving forward if you stayed in your country.

The culture may also be something you never expected. You may not like the mannerisms you see in people. It takes time to know, understand, and adjust to the way of life in another country. The people you encounter may not appreciate the kind of life you lead. There is no point of living in a place where people see you like you do not belong. You are better in a place where you are acknowledged for who you are. That can only happen in your country.

It Is Hard to Forget the Small Things Back Home

Regardless of how hard situations are in your home country, there are those things that you cherish. It can be the terrain, clean water, the lush-green environment, or the fantastic friends you had back there. When you move to another country, things change. For instance, you may no longer have the chance to have evening chats with your friends, and you may also not have the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere that you were used to at home. Such things may look small. However, they have a huge influence on your psychological balance.

With new surroundings, you need time to get accustomed. If you do not find supportive people, you may feel sickly and even regret that you moved. Do not let yourself be filled with regrets when you have a chance to change your mind. It is better to live with those things you love in your country rather than having the feeling that you can get better ones somewhere else.

Starting Things Afresh Is Not Easy for Everyone

New beginnings may sound fun at fast. However, you later come to realize it is not as good as you first thought. If there are friends that you already made in your country, they cannot offer much help in a foreign country. It means you have to make new ones. Forming new relationships to the point where you can completely trust people is hard. It may take years to finally make two or three friends that you can rely on during hard times. In between, you may have to endure a period of loneliness.

Substantial Amounts of Money Are Needed

There are also hefty expenses involved in moving. The first is the expensive flight charges that you have to pay. When you reach the destination, you have to pay for accommodation and spend more money in a bid to get your life in order. Besides, moving back home periodically to visit your loved ones is also costly.

Though people view moving to a foreign country as an achievement, there are the negative implications that you have to deal with. Overall, it is better to live in your country and deal with the challenges that you are used to rather than looking for other life hurdles that you may not tackle in a foreign environment.