'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'

Viewed Through A Different Lens

‘Good Lord!’ I hear you say, ‘I thought you’d shuffled off!’ I don’t know, a few weeks without some drivel about rocks or courgettes and you have me wrapped in a shroud and tickling the daisy roots!


Life has been full. J and I flew out of Dalaman about an hour after the start of the attempted coup d’etat on the 15th July. You would never have guessed anything was afoot though as the tourists continued to come and go as usual. It was at about the same time as the president was flown out to Istanbul escorted by two F16 fighter planes piloted by non-coup supporting Dalaman-based crews. Interesting times but here is not the place to discuss them.

Our ten days in the UK to visit family and take in the SPGB Summer School just flew by and before we knew it we were back home in Turkey with just two days in hand to get the washing, ironing and other chores done before our dear friends from Istanbul, Mark and Jolee, arrived on the morning flight at Dalaman. As soon as they were collected we were all off – back up here to our cabin in the mountains. The rocks hadn’t multiplied whilst we were away but the courgettes had morphed into marrows and as for the sunflowers . .


Anyway, what follows is a pictorial saunter through their visit as seen through their camera lens. It will be a change from flowers and insects which is all I ever seem to find! So, let’s begin with breakfast at our favourite lorry drivers’ café.


Mark could really use a smart phone and a ‘selfie-stick’ because he spends a lot of time taking pictures of food!



the courgettes are this big! Honestly!


the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrate and fine red wine!

salda sunrise

sunrise from their hotel


another ‘foodie’ pic


a view from the top


and the bottom

spicy rabbit casserole1

the famous spicy rabbit casserole

spicy rabbit casserole2

proof that it is organic!


tour of Sagalassos with our own personal guide


feeling the heat


supervising the hired help


a spread to die for – almost!


snow sherbet and ice cream – mmmmmmm-mmm!



chatting with Imam Ali inside the stunningly beautiful Hacı Ömer Ağa mosque


the priceless alabaster windows

So, there you have it – our life in the mountains seen through the eyes of our friends. There were so many more photos to choose from and as Mark was usually behind the camera here is a shot of them from their last visit with us. Mark and Jolee, thank you for spending time in Paradise 2.0!


Alan Fenn, in the mountains by a beautiful lake

10 thoughts on “Viewed Through A Different Lens

  1. Hi Alan. Good to have news of you both. Thank you or the wonderful pictures of your life in the mountains, I love the sunflowers. You make me miss Turkey so much. Still waiting for John’s leg to mend and we might make it for October. Would love to be there now if only to show a bit of support to local people who must be struggling to make a living right now. I can’t believe we have not been to visit at all this year. Enjoy your wonderful life, we do envy you. Best wishes to you both. Mary and John

  2. I enjoy having friends visiting us…they always draw attention to something we have missed or have been taking for granted.

  3. Alan, We can’t say enough good things about our visit with you. Your part of Turkey has everything – natural beauty, lovely towns and villages, breath-taking ancient sites and best of all, warm, generous people – most of all our hosts. Thanks so, so much for introducing us to it all. (You didn’t mention your witty possible title for our trip to Sagalassos – ‘Senior dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Midday Sun’) Best to you and hope to see you again before too, too long. J and M

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