Top 4 Destinations Worth Visiting in Denmark

Why Should You Visit Denmark?

Most of us have heard, read, or watched a movie about the Vikings and their history. However, not many of us know the country of these fierce worriers. Denmark was the home of the famous conquers, and it was the epicenter of Viking history. Today, the Kingdom of Denmark is a modern, peaceful and flourishing country with a touch of medieval history attributed by the architectural look of famous buildings, towns, and villages. These attributes not only make the country one of the best tourist destinations but also make it a center of history and pop culture. And that is why in this piece, we have outlined some of the best places to visit in Denmark. Here are the places:

The Capital City of Copenhagen

One of the most toured cities in Europe is Copenhagen. Despite the city being the capital, it hosts some of the fascinating attractions, including:

  • The Copenhagen Zoo. Commissioned in 1859, Copenhagen Zoo is home to various animal species including elephants, deer, bears, penguins, chimpanzees, lions, etc. You will also enjoy seeing birds, butterflies as well as reptiles including lizards, crocodiles, among other animals of all kinds. The zoo is one of the oldest animal zoos in Europe and in recent times, the Copenhagen zoo has undergone renovations to allow easy exhibition and accessibility. One thing that makes this place a family destination is a section where children can interact with some animals.
  • The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen is the home to this iconic bronze statue which is widely known through the fairytale by renown author Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid is an iconic feature such as New York’s Statue of Liberty or Rio De Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer.
  • Tivoli Gardens. This amusement park was commissioned to the public in August of 1843, and it prides itself as the second oldest and functional amusement park in the world. It is one of the most visited places not only in Denmark but in Europe at large. It is second to none as Disney Land Park, and others follow behind. Tivoli Gardens is a magnificent place to pay a visit when you are spending some time in the city.
  • Christiansburg Palace. It is the royal palace and also hosts the Danish Parliament. The castle provides visitors with the political history of the country as well as the government structure of Denmark. The palace is an ideal place to stop for a visit as it does not only host royalty but also provides an architectural attraction worth the memories.
  • Rosenberg Castle. Another popular attraction worth visiting is the four centuries-old castles with beautiful gardens and mesmerizing architecture outlook.

Rabjerg Mile and Knude Lighthouse

Denmark is also known for having one of the massive migrating dunes in entire Europe. It is estimated that the dune moves within 18 meters each year. On top of being a fascinating natural phenomenon, the Rabjerg Mile allows visitors to view the ocean from the top of the famous Knude Lighthouse. You can enjoy seeing the vast clear ocean waters and maritime activities when on top of the lighthouse. Due to the rapid rising of the dune, the tower will most likely be covered by sand within the next decade.  It is, therefore, crucial to visit this region and witness the magnificent work of nature.

Skagen Port Town

Skagen is located in the northern region of Denmark, and it is a focal point of natural beauty. Here the seas of Kattegat and Skagerrak join together, and this confluence forms clashing reactions that are awesome to experience. On top of that, Skagen is located at the tipping point of Europe and has a beautiful coastline with a beach where you can relax and enjoy the viewing of seals play in the ocean. The seaside region of Skagen has a famous site known as Den Tilsandede Kirke. It is also referred to as the church under the sand for it has been submerged in the dune almost wholly. Only the central tower of the famous church building can be seen. In the villages of Skagen, you will also enjoy not only a beautiful coastline or natural wonders but also deep and unique Danish traditions found nowhere else.


Odense is the home town of the famous writer and poet Hans Christian Anderson. When you visit there, you will experience the childhood life of one of the world-renown authors. Also, you can visit the Funen Museum, an old Viking castle as well as the St Canute’s Cathedral, which is the 11th-century church. The town has spectacular old buildings, statues, and sculptures representing the life of the natives. By all means, it is a place that you don’t want to miss on your tour list.

When navigating these regions, you should do thorough research to determine which are the places that you need to visit. This is because Denmark offers a wide variety of attractive places that you can spend your time in. Also, knowing some Danish can help you interact with the locals easily. And though some Danish words and phrases can be challenging to pronounce and even hard to know their meaning, you can use English to Danish translation tool such as Having this kind of application on your phone can be helpful as you will not always have a tour guide to direct you.