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The Sun Comes Up And The Sun Goes Down

. . . and the hands on the clock keep goin’ around, I no sooner get up than it’s time to lie down – but life is not ‘tejus’, not for J and for me, anyway! In fact, time is doing a bit of ‘fugiting’ these days and fitting stuff in is a bit of a struggle.


Blogging has been one of the things to suffer from not enough hours (or inclination if I am honest). I am also aware that what has J and me fired up is of limited interest to others. I’m referring to life at our mountain hideaway and the ‘farming’ that goes with it. I mean, a bit here and there is OK but who wants to read about mud, rocks and greenfly day in and day out? Not me!

Most days up here kick-off at about 7.30 with a bit of rock gardening. Turning our rock-strewn plot from this:

rocky garden1

. . to this:

rocky garden2

. . is proving to be long and ‘tejus’ and not without a few tweaks and spasms. We must be getting close to the halfway point now despite the impression that the buggers are multiplying over night!

J goes off for a walk most days, exploring the tracks through the forest. The last couple of times she’s arrived back breathless with excitement having come across, at fairly close quarters, a Eurasian Golden Jackal. I went with her today in the hopes of getting a glimpse and a photo – no luck this time around.

Eurasian Golden Jackal

Canis aureus – Eurasian Golden Jackal

Odd projects keep cropping up to fill the time when I should be reading or taking a nap. The latest came about when workmen putting up new electricity poles discarded a couple of small crates that are used to transport those great big brown insulator things. Anyway, being an old soldier, I did the right thing by them and got J to stuff them into the back of the car. One has had a make-over and now serves as a very functional and ‘country chic’ saucepan stand. Here’s the before and after:

country chic1

country chic2

There is also the joy of catering in the field . .

field catering1

field catering2

Then, there are all the other distractions that seem to eat into blogging time:

forest walks1

sharing the forest with birds and jackals

forest walks2

. . and views with no one else

very latest029_copy

. . and finally, for those with time on their hands:

Alan Fenn, out there – somewhere

14 thoughts on “The Sun Comes Up And The Sun Goes Down

  1. Alan, I agree with Natalie. There’s nothing like spending time in a place you love, doing the things you love (even if that’s watching a tree grow, but it seems like you’ve been very busy doing many other things as well – love the saucepan shelf). Your new digs are beyond awesome. We’ve looking forward to seeing it all. Love, J and M

  2. Hi Alan. Love the blog. I can tell you are blissfully happy up there on your Mountain but I don’t think you have ‘tejus’ We have loads of time as we watch John’s leg get better and nearly there. I look forward to reading about all the new things you and Janet find on your Mountain and wonderful pictures of all you see that we cannot. Don’t give up the day job Alan, it’s very important to us who read it. Best wishes to you and Janet. Mary and John

  3. That mountain hideaway looks heavenly — nothin’ Tejus about that! Yes, blogging can get TEJUS — too much effort to be cranking out all this useless babble all the time (I am referring to my own tejus posts, not your brilliant ones ). Go out and enjoy that gorgeous place — I am so envious!
    Trisha Thomas recently posted..The Elizabeth Spicer StoryMy Profile

    1. We are doing our best but there are still an awful lot of stones to clear – keep watching this space. As for you and your ‘useless babble’ – credit where it is due, fine writing and more balls to keep in the air than any normal person I know 😀
      Alan recently posted..Some Fell Upon Stony GroundMy Profile

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