Ponds! I’ve loved them ever since I fell in the Bomb Crater Pond behind the now defunct Sheppey Light Railway station at Minster where I grew up.


Round and deep and full of scrap it was a haven for newts, frogs, sticklebacks and a myriad of exotic insects. The hours spent there as a kid are the bedrock of my passion for pretty much any sort of creature that spends part or all of its life in water.

So it will come as no surprise that, from the very start of our cabin project, I’ve wanted to develop a small pond that will offer a mix of habitats that should encourage a variety of wildlife. With help from friend Alan who travelled up from Okçular for a couple of days the project is now under way.


Alan reminds me of Hoss Cartwright, he’s big, wields a mean shovel and likes a glass of Jack Daniel’s when the day’s work is done!

Now, knowing just how rocky the land is up here I had no illusions about how far we’d get in the couple of days he was due to be here. Not wanting to dampen the big fellow’s enthusiasm I kept shtum about what lay ahead. I needn’t have worried, in just four hours spread over two early morning starts the excavation was done and dusted! With me on the pick and Alan throwing the stuff around like a demented JCB it was amazing how the earth moved for us.


the Big Fellah in action and below some of the rocks we dug out


Now that the ‘muscle’ has gone back to sweat it out in Okçular (temperatures in the 40s), the task of putting the rocks back where they will serve a useful purpose has begun . .


seems a pity that they will be hidden behind the pool liner


To quote a certain Captain Oates, ‘I may be some time.’

Alan Fenn, ‘Ponderosa’, geddit? Oh, never mind! and thank you Alan for the graft.

12 thoughts on “Ponderosa

  1. You’re telling us that ALL those stones came out of that little hole?
    What can I say except that you’re going to need some more volunteers to a) put them all in place and b) collect and bring some more. Does that include me?

  2. What are you volunteer for J !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is looking good, should be great when if finished. How much the kid’s of to day miss out on, all that fun we use to have with catching newts, frogs, sticklebacks and all the other little things who’s home is the Pond. hours of enjoyment.

  3. Alan, Temperatures in the 40s?! Holy moley, glad you waited to give the job to Alan! Wasn’t J due home yesterday? After two weeks away in America, she’s ready to move rocks again? Oy. Kolay gelsin. (BTW, I remember Hoss from Ponderosa well.)
    xoxo J and M

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