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Lazarus Rising

Six weeks! Is that all it’s been? Six weeks! It feels like six months – six years even! More like six episodes of the ‘Walking Dead’!


I’m talking disease! Bubonic Plague and Necrotising Fasciitis (there’s a link for the morbidly inclined) all rolled in to one! Six episodes back J went down with it. Four days later I followed suit and we sank together into the realms of choking snot, blinding headaches and choking coughing. Then my sister arrived for a month-long visit and walked into the maelstrom – she did not resist for many days! Thank you god!

I don’t recall too much about how J and sis were, being a bloke I was totally focussed on my own misery and the endless stream of ‘ectoplasm’ emanating from my sinuses.


I mean, seriously, you don’t know what’s living in this stuff!


A week into sis’ visit Number 1 Daughter arrived to join the party. At this point I should be saying ‘Poor sod!’ but by some miracle of the blessed-somebody-or-other she remained uncontaminated as those around her dissolved and putrefied!

We certainly did our best to give them some good times between the splutters.




Number 1 looking disgustingly healthy!

We squeezed in a few days up here at the cabin as our visitors had been nothing short of desperate to see the place. Whilst they were here good friend and neighbour Ramazan did them a slightly frazzled chicken, jacket spuds and onions in a tin that was rapidly seen off with a few glasses of beer and wine under the big, old pine tree.


country kitchen



Sis and Number 1 have gone back home now – refreshed I hope. We needed a few more days recovery before we felt fit enough to drive back up here to the cabin. Once here we quickly learned that the mind may be willing but the flesh was decidedly weak! Just a few minutes work with a pick or shovel and we were gasping.

Anyway, after a few days of this sweet, mountain air we feel that we are almost back to our normal, energetic selves. The vegetable plot has been cleared and manured and we are half way through sorting the fruit/nut trees. The pool has its new aerator going and looks really healthy with new plants settled in. J has made some splendid green tomato chutney and we have harvested a load of melons and pumpkins. Life is steadily getting back to normal.

As for Lazarus, I’m in total empathy. I know how he felt when JC raised him up. As my dear old mother used to say, ‘Bloody ‘ell! You look like death warmed up!’

Alan Fenn, back in the land of the living!

14 thoughts on “Lazarus Rising

  1. The virulence of those bugs has to be experienced to be believed….
    I’m glad that you have both recovered and would be interested to know what you plan to do to track down the so and so who passed it on to you.
    Nowadays I don’t get green tomatoes unless I pick them specially, but I might just do that. We haven’t made a green tomato chutney for ages and it would be nice to have some to share with local friends.

    1. . . end of season and we were clearing the bines so making good use of the last kilo or two. Veg garden is prepared and garlic and onions are going in. This year J is doing a proper job of it with plenty of mature goat manure. It’s going to be amazing to look back in a few years at what has been achieved.
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  2. Alan, We were getting a bit anxious about you, not having heard from you in some weeks. So glad you and J are again up and about (and glad we weren’t there to share!). Loved the pics of the preparation of the chicken and potatoes. Now that’s a bit of roughing it. Ramazan still in his shirt sleeves so it must have been warm. Take care and stay healthy! Love, J and M

  3. I’m glad to say we are now refreshed. !!!!! and Ramazan did us proud with his chicken in the tin and in spite of all the bug’s we all had, Sis & No 1 daughter had a lovely time with you both. Thank you. It’s good your both feeling better it really must be all that lovely clean mountain air. Perhaps you could take a nice big deep breath of it for me. !!!!!

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