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We had a couple of friends pop up to visit for a couple of days. ‘L’ is a ‘Twitcher’ with a very expensive set of binos – I was a camera guy who left his kit back in Okçular. Well, not all of it, just the bloody camera – all the lenses arrived to sit useless in the bedroom!

Anyway, the weather has been variable and dramatic so we grabbed a window of opportunity and drove over to nearby Yarışlı Lake where around fifty Flamingos were reported. It was well worth the effort especially for ‘L’ as there were several hundreds of them and they staged a couple of flybys en-masse just for us!

There were also Avocets and Stilts around along with a bunch of Squacco Herons and Ruddy Shelducks.

Being sans camera I take no credit for these beautiful images. The herons in particular were very tolerant, probably because local shepherds graze their flocks along the shores of the lake, we were often within just a few metres of them.

As I said, the weather has been variable and we were soon heading for cover in the car and heading back to the cabin. Here’s how it changes hour by hour and even minute by minute . .

overcast and still

clouds building and still still!

it’s on its way!

And now it’s piddling down – again! Mind you, we gardening types are very happy with that. You have to admit, this blogging about our life here is brimming over with . . something!

Alan Fenn, holed up in the ark!

16 thoughts on “Hour By Hour

  1. Those approaching clouds look like conditions here….fine in the daytime when you can see them creeping up…not so good when all hell breaks loose in the early hours and indignant dogs wake up all over the area to express their disgust…

  2. Alan and Janet, We’ll never forget the first time we saw a flock of flamingoes. What a heavenly sight and the other birds – you are soooo lucky to live there and see such richness. But the down side of being a bird watcher is getting soaked occasionally in a downpour. We’ve been there! BTW, May 13th is Global Bird Day sponsored by Cornell Ornithological Institute, so we’ll be out there on the island, rain or shine. What a great hobby – just buy a pair of binos and you’re all set. Okay, okay, we’re rambling on. Take care, love and hugs, J and M

  3. A bit of flamingo oneupmanship here – On our last trip to Tuzla, near Bodrum, we counted 1,600.

    1. our initial plan was for a soda lake a little way east of here. Last year there were several flocks that were estimated at several thousands, unfortunately, this year that lake is dry due to lack of rain and snow. Locals told us where to find the few that are around this year.
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  4. Having never seen a flamingo (despite David Attenborough’s best efforts and two visits to the Kensington Roof Gardens in London), I think about them as some sort of mythical (unicorn) or defunct (dodo) creature. Are they a regular sighting in your neck of the woods Alan?

    1. Good afternoon Kym! Down around Okcular there are occasional sightings of one or a few. Up her in the mountains there are several alkaline/soda lakes and there can be thousands of them. They are beautiful and strange to behold, just like unicorns!
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  5. Well what a awesome day you have had, here there wasn’t a cloud in sight brilliant. But I’d swap all that to have seen the flamingo, you do have some interesting days and why not. !!!!!!

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