In a few days J and I will be heading back to Okçular because there are boring things that have to be done before we head to the UK. Things like laundry and ironing and banking and stuff like that. Like I said boring!

The time has flown by what with one thing and another. The cairn got finished and the pair of us are pretty pleased with our handiwork . .



You can see the extra pair of solar electricity panels that we brought up and fitted. They have made a huge difference to how and what we can now use. Add a couple more and I can see us laying on a son et lumière come next Summer’s solstice!

Daily work clearing the remaining rocks was interrupted a couple of times by monumental thunderstorms – they weren’t confined to the mountains either as the coastal resorts copped it as well.



The fresh stuff from J’s veggie gardening has been really enjoyable – the onions would grace a garden society show and the courgettes are prolific enough to warrant much searching on the internet for ‘things to do with courgettes’, none of which fell into the category of ‘adult entertainment’!

The storms gave us some beautiful dawns and evenings . .



What else? Well, we had a friend visit for a couple of days and we all got more than we bargained for when the people at the accommodation that was booked told us there was a problem. Never had the decency to tell us and we were left with no option but to bed our friend down on the floor because, this being the main holiday of the year for Muslims, everywhere else was booked solid! We managed and he had a good experience, or so he said!

On one of the dodgy storm days J decided to test the waters of the lake . .

lake swim

. . whilst I interfered in the private life of Onychogomphus forcipatus – Small Pincertail dragonfly. They are amazing – they lay their eggs in the lake and there the nymphs grow and develop. When they are ready to emerge as dragonflies they crawl from where you see J at the water’s edge all the way to where I am standing, a distance of around 200 mts! Here they crawl up into the sedges and the transformational miracle begins – it is fascinating!


Exuviae, the exoskeleton left behind when insects and spiders get too big for their boots


small pincertail dragonfly

it’s astonishing what comes out of the packaging!

So, what was all that ‘feckless’ stuff in the title? Well, I thought many times these past days that I should/would like to write a post but was always too much what the dictionary clearly understands me to be – ‘feckless ˈfɛkləs/ adjective: feckless lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible’. I was completely without feck! No, that is not strictly true because, actually, I felt pretty relaxed, laid back and cool about life so really I didn’t give a feck!

Alan Fenn, in a feckin’ cabin in the feckin’ mountains

12 thoughts on “Feckless

  1. Hi Alan. Your Mountain home is so beautiful. I love the Cairn, it fits so well in your Environment. I am astonished at what you have both achieved in a very short time and Janet’s vegetable garden is amazing when we remember the work that had to happen first to clear it all. I don’t think there is anything ‘feckless’ about either of you. I am from Ireland many Moons ago and ‘Feck’ is a very useful word for me, it’s a very rude word where I come from but I can use it in London because no none knows how rude a word it is. Have a good trip to the UK and if you and Janet are anywhere near Greenwich, you have our email and we would be so pleased to see you. Thank you for the pictures of the Dragonfly, so beautiful. Best wishes to you both. Mary

  2. Quite an impressive garden you’ve got there! As for the courgettes, back in New England they used to say that in the summer normally trusting people would lock their cars so their neighbors couldn’t fill them with zucchini (courgettes). Perhaps you could find an unlocked vehicle or two nearby? As for sleeping on the floor, are you suggesting we should bring sleeping bags, just in case? That could feck up the old dogs’ backs.

    1. 😀 what can we say? It wasn’t the hotel that let our friend down and he claimed the bed we made up for him was very comfortable. For me it would be the struggle on hands and knees in the mornings and sights and sounds of we pair of old boffers huffing and puffing the night away! You didn’t mention mail order courgettes – now, where did I put that island address?
      Alan recently posted..Weathering The StormsMy Profile

  3. Well I’m lost for word’s !!!! all you hard work has certainly paid off, every thing looks amazing, anyone would think you had been there for ever. After testing the lake what did you think Janet. I don’t think your going to get me in there though. !!!! But well done you.

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