Technology Is Great – But . .

Archers would love to be showing ‘Heading For Henley – Part 2’, lots of men in Lycra, amazing bits of video as an eight powers off the start and general shots of ladies in funny hats and men in funny trousers and jackets. Old Money being . . . well, Old Money! It is not to be just yet – I have not brought my machine and using other people’s seems not to work very well (that and not remembering access codes). By way of compensation here is Queen doing their stuff as only they can – with Freddie in what else but Lycra!

Alan Fenn, no longer at Henley

10 thoughts on “Technology Is Great – But . .

  1. That is a great song -even with Freddie in his lycra!!:) one of my favorites : ) hope you enjoyed Henley – and what a weekend you picked with Murray winning the Wimbledon too!!:) hope you enjoyed your time!

    1. . . it was a very interesting experience – actually able to get close enough to realise the incredible power of an eight crew accellerating off the start – that was – INCREDIBLE!

    1. . . me too, but they run him a close second, winning by a canvas (in this rowing world a ‘canvas’ is a close run thing whereas ‘easily’ is a downright thrashing!

  2. Well Freddie in Lycra is ok— but I am still waiting for you to show us some picks of those studly rowers in lycra. And of course the best part will be a photo of you in your get-up for the occasion.
    ( I do understand the problem of blogging when you travel, if I don’t bring my own computer, I am lost, and since unfortunately blogging is a bit addictive, those of us unable to post while on vacation become a bit irritable and agitated. Perhaps it is time for me to de-blox)
    By the way, my cruel, insensitive 18-year-old son is traveling around Europe with a group of friends on a Eurail pass and he sent me a photo of a t-shirt in a shop window in Berlin that had huge letters on the front saying “No One Reads Your Fucking Blog”. He was just teasing me and it was funny, but I figure I blog for myself more than anything else (and because it is fun to interact with other crazy bloggers)

    1. I think I should put your comments up as a post in their own right – it has all the ingrediants! Grandson has given permission to post him in Lycra just for the lady in Rome but ypu’ll have to wait until I get home in a few days. Your dear son semms to have the right view of the world of blogging.

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