Incredible Okçular!

Waste Not Want Not

 . . as my mother used to say! That was an observation generally associated with assorted bits of fat and gristle sitting uneaten amid congealed Bisto gravy on my plate as I stubbornly refused to answer or comply. Mother lacked my stamina and suffered from acute arthritis so a clout around the ear hurt her more than it hurt me! I’d get away with stuff as long as my father wasn’t around. He had a way of getting compliance that these days would see him locked up!

Anyway, enough of that! Waste not, want not sank in because my life is full of things that might come in useful some day and seeing a sight like this is irresistible.

One of our neighbours had dumped a load of green tomatoes in the corner of his field to rot down. J and I knew of a much pleasanter use for these toms than compost – Green Tomato Chutney! So it was that a good few kilos found their way in to the pan along with some apples, pears and an assortment of spices.

After a couple of hours of gently bubbling away the mix was ready to join the other jams and preserves that J makes. Some we give away to bemused neighbours but most we keep and enjoy ourselves. Waste not, want not! Well, not for a few more years anyway!

last year’s plus mummy’s home-made brown sauce

jams and marmalades and pickled onions

even curry paste and mincemeat!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

ps this is not a foodie blog so if you want to rummage around in dumpsters or on your neighbour’s compost heaps there are plenty of recipes on line to fire your imagination.