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J and I spent Christmas Day exploring an area in the mountains not too far from where we live. A year earlier, on the 25th, we were burying our dear old dog Sinsi who had died that morning. She loved exploring the backways and trackways with us and was an excellent sniffer-out of obscure paths and goat tracks. It was appropriate, therefore, that we found that a new track had been cut by the forestry authorities and we were able to spend and enjoyable time exploring it and plotting it by gps.

Several days were then spent drawing out an accurate map of the new route, digitalising it and then cleaning it up to make it fit for use and purpose. Then the directions and information for those who want to walk or cycle the route was composed. The new route is named after that old reprobate of a dog – which just goes to show that I’m silly and sentimental as well as an old fool! That done it could be turned into a downloadable pdf for you to print out for your own use or to share with your friends.

So, if you enjoy a ramble or a ride and don’t live too far from the Dalyan – Ortaca area, get your free copy here and get going – work off some of that Christmas pud and lethargy! Happy trekking!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

ps If you haven’t got your copies of ‘Backways & Trackways’ or ‘Okçular Village a Guide’ you should go to the Okçular Village website where there is a special offer on if you buy copies of both books. You could also win copies of the original book plus ‘Archers’ tee-shirts if you join us on Facebook or NetworkedBlogs; see the side panel for details.

 Karadonlar to Gokbel Walk
The 'Sinsi Köpek Memorial Walk or Cycle Ride'