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Some of the best ex-pat blogs around – from quirky to deadly serious; informative to passionate; opinionated to a load of old twaddle – you name it, it is here. Although mostly about Turkey, there is the odd interloper thrown in. What they have in common is commitment to continuity in our world of puff publishing; an eye for the interesting or absurd and a way with words that, if nothing else, appeals to me. You can please yourself too, but for whatever my opinion is worth, this diverse gathering of individuals is worth getting to know. There are very few ‘blokes’ in this list, but that is our fault – if we could develop an interest in the world beyond football and beer we might have something interesting to say! (and I do expect some flak)

This is a developing and ever-changing list.

Here they are in no particular order:

Natalie @ Turkish Travel Blog is the yard-stick by which a travel blog about Turkey should be measured. Full of passion for her adopted country;  good information and photos by the author – this blog should be ‘pinned’ to your board.

 Liz @ Slowly by Slowly if gentle, interesting and quirky is your thing then this blog about navigating the waters of a cross-cultural marriage with help from the most amazing supporting cast of Karagöz puppets is for you! This blog fascinates me!

Jack @ Perking the Pansies  ‘imagine the absurdity . . ‘ Yeah! Right! Jack is opinionated and on the button with so many issues – his powers of observation, cutting and acerbic wit pepper his posts about life in the steaming, Bohemian town of Bodrum. Make the most of it – he is not long for ‘our’ world!

 Mark and Jolee @ Senior Dogs Abroad considered, insightful views about living in the vibrant city of Istanbul mixed with political comment of the most profound and thoughtful nature. I love this blog for all the ‘left’ reasons

Julia and Barry @ Turkey’s For Life absolutely the best blog about living in or visiting Fethiye, beer, food, beer, life, beer, liberty, beer, and the pursuit of happiness  (and much else besides – there’s Efes, Carlsburg, . .) – a phenomenal resource.

Deborah @ Bitten by Spain a unique style and a unique view of life in a bureaucratic outback of Spain. Debs is a fighter and a survivor who lets nothing stand in the way of her dream. ‘All human, dog and parrot life is here!’ – well, almost. Oh, yes! There’s an itinerant fireman, as well!

Karyn @ Being Koy life in a Turkish eco-farming village coupled with a deep understanding and love of the local culture. Throw in the odd bit of seriously useful and vital information about living in a very different country and what you have is a really classy blog!

Kym @ Gidday From The UK from the Land of Oz to the Land of London – and not a bad word to say – an occasional rude one, yes – but then she is from the colonies! She also gets excited when her mum happens by – well, 12000 miles,  you would, wouldn’t you!

Duke @ Captivating Cappadocia moved around a bit before settling in Turkey’s Cappadocia region. With his Ginormous young family he offers a culturally sensitive and very different perspective on expat life in his adopted homeland. If you want to learn about this unique corner of the world, this is your ‘home page’.

Kerry @ Earth Laughs In Flowers describes herself as a housewife living life in Turkey, which is true – but this delightful blog is so much more, with insights into family life, cross-cultural marriage, travel/holiday tips and ideas.

Annie @ Back to Bodrum offers readers a fascinating perspective on Turkey in general and Bodrum in particular. She first came to Bodrum 30 years ago, wandered off for a while and then came back and settled into a very different world from that she left all those years ago.

Ellen @ Ellen in Turkey offers a fresh view of life here in Turkey through her American eyes. With her varied and interesting background her posts are insights from a very different angle – not your ‘average’ blogger.

Joy @ My Turkish Joys is a professional pastry cook who recently moved from Istanbul to Europe, with a passion for Turkey and for cooking (of course), photography, travel and life! Great blog for you to follow.

Özlem @ Özlem’s Turkish Table offers inspiring traditional Turkish recipes for the home cook who aspires to something different. Born and raised in the South East of Turkey, she now lives in UK. Here’s your chance to master one of the world’s great cuisines.

Trici Venola @ Drawing On Istanbul opens your eyes to a whole new sight of Turkey. Her beautiful Plein Air drawings and her equally beautiful and descriptive narrative will take you into realms you didn’t know existed. If ever a blog deserved to be viewed and followed this is it. A shining gem!

Tara Hopkins is the shining light behind Çöp (M)adam, a brilliant social project based in Ayvalık, Turkey. Çöp (M)adam uses waste to create truly desirable, usable products – in the process they give employment to women who have never been in waged employment which brings income and self-esteem. There is also a web site.

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  1. There is a new one there for me Alan – That is Senior Dogs Abroad – Off to check it out. Thank you for including me in the band of misfits!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, just popping over to congratulate you on your new look blog (we’ve scrapped our new one and started again! 🙂 ) and realised you’ve given us a mention. Thank you very much!! Haven’t heard of Senior dogs Abroad so will head on over there now to give em a read. Thanks again.

    1. . . the ‘Dogs’ are something else from the usual – as for my blog, the theme just went Haywire, putting stuff all over the place – couldn’t fathom it so it had to go. Lost a few posts and bunches of comments but recovered most of it. Good luck with your changes.

  3. Thanks for this vote of confidence, Alan. It came at just the right time… Now I’m off to check out the unfamiliar names on this list.

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