One Good Turn Deserves Another . .

The Kaptan June Turtle Foundation got a bit of a surprise recently. They have been stalwart supporters of disabled artist Gülay Çolak (from Okçular) by commissioning her to supply the Foundation’s museum and shop with some of her very special ‘turtle themed’ creations. The shop is hugely popular with visitors and the result is that Gülay has been able to generate some much-needed income from sales – a portion of which goes to the foundation to support their programmes to protect the endangered Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta).

Anyway, with the imminent start of the new tourist season Gülay, with a little help from friends, laid on a surprise presentation and cake fest for ‘Kaptan’ June Haimoff and some of her volunteers from the Turtle Foundation as a way to say ‘Thank you!’ for the support they have given to her and her daughter.

Kaptan June's old beach hut used as a shop and museum

Gülay had created a charming little tableau depicting the famous İztuzu Beach at Dalyan and some of the man-made, life-threatening risks that face the magnificent Loggerheads (unguarded boat propellers; fishing lines and hooks; plastic bags, etc). I’ve known Kaptan June for a long time now and it is seldom that I have seen her as emotional and tear-streaked as she was that day. The tableau will have pride-of-place in the Kaptan June Turtle Foundation’s museum and shop. If you are visiting Dalyan you should go along to the beach and pay a visit – while you’re there you can give a bit of support to two very worthy causes by buying a souvenir or two.

Kaptan June overcome with emotion at Gülay's thoughtful gift
Gülay, Kaptan June with friends and volunteers
Reporting for Kanal D television
Gülay, Kaptan June and tableau
Gülay's cake fest

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

14 thoughts on “One Good Turn Deserves Another . .

  1. How lovely!
    I remember visiting Çalis Beach some 20 years ago (when there was just a single line of tiny hotels along the beach front) and seeing baby turtles on the beach then, and then again during a visit to Dalyan. I was horrified that they weren’t physically protected from the clumsy giants and their awful weapons of destruction.

    I’m delighted to hear that the turtles have their champions in both Kaptan June and Gülay, and that both these admirable ladies also support each other!

    A heart-warming post – thanks, Alan! 🙂

    1. Çalıs is completely built over these days, with a so-called bird paradise as a pretense at environmental awareness. June’s battle to protect Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach was an epic one and led to Turkey’s first Specially Protected Area. Money is now eroding the regulations but the beach is still protected. As for June and Gülay, they are a great couple of ladies and a pleasure to know.
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  2. This Is a wonderful story – we can’t wait to see Gulay’s work, et Alia! Maybe Dalyan needs a turtle rescue – google key west florida turtle hospital for more info – we spent part of our elopement there. Enchanting turtle rock art!

    1. . . be a pleasure to introduce you to Gülay. Dalyan has one of the top turtle rescue and rehabilitation centres in the Med – it is run by Prof Yakup Kaska from Pamukkale Uni. – again I’ll take you and introduce you to Yakup and June. Goodness, will a week be enough? 😀
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  3. That’s a wonderful piece of news Alan, shows there are some really good people left in this world.

  4. I am for the cause of saving turtles because a some of their species are getting extinct already like the Pawikan and many others. If I have the chance I will surely support their cause. Do they have a facebook page?

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