Incredible Okçular!

Meet Me Mates!

. . or Getting Up Close And Personal With Some Of The Oiks Of Okçular!

J and I often have close encounters with some very strange looking characters; it’s a hazard of living where we do away from a lot of the disturbance created by human activity. Generally, we are delighted to get chummy with them and only occasionally will discretion dictate some serious caution about getting involved too closely; a decision usually dictated by an aggressive, NIMBY-ish attitude on their part.

What follows is a photo intro to just a few of our local characters; (in the main taken in and around our garden) the pictures are not necessarily of the finest quality and not everyone has a name. In some cases you might not want to know them anyway . . let’s make a gentle start . .

Convolvulus Hawk Moth

J makes the acquaintance of a male Predatory Bush Cricket (Saga pedo)

Barrel Spider or Wind Scorpion – these guys have an attitude problem!

Syrian Squirrel – the family give us hours of entertainment

voyeurism – a very intimate and sticky moment!

 young Leopard Snake

Fire Salamander – Lyciasalamandra fazliae (critically endangered endemic)

Viennese Emperor Moth (largest European moth)

 J with an Ostrich of Okçular (true)


‘Don’t shoot guv!’

young Cone-head Mantis

the famous Carl Frogarty and some of his concubines

Brown Bush Cricket (female)

 eyeball to eyeball with newly emerged Emperor Moth

dinner time

head shape says ‘viper’ – eyes and nose-plates say Rat Snake – any ideas?

. . and finally a perfect miniature

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

20 thoughts on “Meet Me Mates!

  1. eeeeeeek!! Fabulous examples but I’d probably run faster than some of them if I had a close encounter.

  2. Gee, Alan, we didn’t see any hands in the photos with the snakes. . . . Really terrific pics, though. Especially the salamandar and the cone-headed mantis with his curled tail.
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  3. Like! Although not as interesting, my last couple of days in Dalyan a flight of 5 ley leys circling above and a huge hedgehog wandering into the yard. You seem to have an unusual abundance of “nature” down your way.

  4. Fabulous – love ’em all!

    The grey snake definitely has a viper head, as you say – and I detect diamond markings, although very faint. Our rat snakes here are quatrilinear, with the very distinct four black lines running full length. I actually spotted something recently in the parrot house like your grey, but the diamond markings were much more distinct, and I had it down as a viper. I would be very pleased to think it might just be another rat snake! Do let us know if you can nail it – the name, obviously, not the snake, which is protected (here, at least).

    Especially love the little fire salamander – great to see!
    Yet again, awesome camerawork xx

  5. Absolutely wonderful wildlife! We were so amazed the first time we saw a chamelion when we were out walking. The salamander is lovely too… Ashley had a close encounter with a fer de lance when we were in Mexico but we didn’t stop to take a photograph…

    1. I understand that the fer de lance is an aggressive little bugger – at least our various viper species prefer to keep away from us. The Fire Salamander is a real gem and although critically endangered, there are plenty in our Kocadere Valley.
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  6. That image of the Convolvulus Hawk Moth is insane! Talk about getting up-close-and-personal with some of the most awesome creations on the earth! Your ‘mates’ are astounding! Fantastic photography!

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