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A couple of weeks back Jay Artale of ‘Roving Jay‘ blog fame and author of the ‘Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide‘ website and book dropped a non-to-subtle hint by posting a link from my blog to Facebook. In a posting about two years back I’d promised to put the names of the first hundred FB and Google+ followers in a hat and draw a couple of winners. With the passage of time combined with sticking synapses the whole idea had vanished into the misty, cobwebbed compartments that is now my mind.

Okcular Book ProjectThe prizes, if you can call them that, were copies of ‘Okçular Village a Guide’ which is part of the Okçular Book Project, you can read more here. That said, the book has had three separate reviews by Today’s Zaman newspaper and Cornucopia, a most prestigious magazine, did a great write-up and has included it in their book lists. As for it being a suitable prize for a blog following that is spread throughout a number of counties, I can only respond by pointing out the this very modest guide to our very small village and its less than modest natural wonders, has been sold via the internet from China to the US, to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and all over Europe as well as here in Turkey.

Anyway, spurred on by Jay’s nudge in the ribs, two lists were drawn up and my J drew one winner from each. There was a small delay whilst I sought permission from each to publish their names, which are: Fatos Mert and Natalie Sayın!

Fatos is a teacher working over in the east of Turkey and I hope the book will ‘warm the cockles of her heart’ as she huddles by the soba on the dark evenings ahead. Natalie does a lot of things but is probably best known for her wonderfully successful ‘Turkish Travel Blog‘. I’m particularly delighted for Natalie because when I first considered starting this blogging lark she, along with fellow bloggers Jack Scott and Karyn Phillips were mines of information and sound advice. She is also the reason that an expedition will be mounted next year to the darkest valleys of the Kaçkar Mountains to hunt out a blue slug that shouldn’t be there – but that’s a story for another day!

I hope you enjoy the read guys! It would also be nice if you check out the Book Project and, if you feel so inclined, do a bit of promotion in any way you can – the children of our village benefit from every ‘sale’ that is made.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

13 thoughts on “Lucky Dip

  1. Beautiful post Alan; we often look to our copies of Okcular Village Guide with the children and look forward to putting the guide in serious good use next summer:) Grand job – and well deserved – being reviewed by Cornucopia! Cok Selamlar, Ozlem

  2. Thank you, Özlem! We look forward to meeting with you guys and perhaps enjoying a wander and a picnic. I’m sure we can find some interesting stuff for Emma and Mark have a look at.

  3. I think you should do another prize — a free-trip to Okcular for the most devoted “Archers of Okular” fans! Then I will come over and buy my own Okcular guide. I would also check out all those crazy creatures in your backyard!! In the meantime, congratulations to Fatos and Natalie!

  4. Alan, We have shared your wonderful book with others who have enjoyed it almost as much as we have. My favorite comment was from a Turkish friend who said that your book made her fall in love with her country again.

  5. OK I hold my hands up! I wish my “not too subtle nudge” was an attempt to blame and shame you into finishing what you started … but in all honesty I thought it was a fresh post, promoting a good cause, and so I rushed to the rescue to promote it… of course in the hopes that I could win one too.

    Glad to have been of service to coach you to the finish line, sometimes those last few yards are the hardest. I think this means you’re currently holding the award for “Longest Running Book Giveaway!” Congrats

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