Kontrolation 2.0

‘Oh, dear! Here he goes again, prattling on about rabbit holes and secret cabins – boring!’ All I can say is that this Old Boffer and his squeeze are excited and who’s writing this drivel anyway!


So, where were we? As I recall, the framework of the cabin was up, the roof was nearly complete, the external cladding was well under way and the crew kept getting interrupted by splendid feasts instead of getting on with the job. J and I had to come back home for a couple of days to get the car serviced and MOT’d. Then it was back to the place where our dreams were fast becoming reality. Here’s what we found . .


insulation, floor and internal cladding under way


starting to get some idea of how it will be when finished


looking east through the ‘square window’ – Play School fans will get it


canalisation work begins


. . and the plumbing


the amount of stuff is going down rapidly

Meanwhile, our demirci/blacksmith is about to give a culinary master class . .





works canteen – Turkish style

Next day we sloped off over the mountains to stock up from our favourite winery. When we got back . .


internal walls were up


. . and J is looking decidedly happy

Another day and . .


ceilings are up


fascias are fitted, and . .


Hasan the plumber is under there somewhere


and the cheerful chippies are . .


. . really cracking on

Over there, up the hill a bit and as far again, a digger has, throughout the day and late into the night, dug a trench, laid the pipe and back-filled to our own, personal supply of mountain spring water.



Hasan putting the finishing touches, including . .


. . his patent sand filtration system!


everywhere, finishing touches to the woodwork



The temporary steps that will be replaced by really old ones from a derelict building made from Juniper/Ardiç which, having survived longer than J and me, will almost certainly outlast us!

As we left for home again, there were still bits and bobs to finish off. Now we have a few days respite whilst the carpenters adapt the old doors/frames and build the kitchen cupboards, our bed and the windows and shutters. There is still the soba/oven/range to buy and fit but our new mattress and energy efficient fridge are just awaiting word for delivery. J is already packing boxes with stuff to take up there, including wine, whisky and rakı glasses – well, with a balcony looking out over that view, we deserve to be spoilt for choice as we toast yet another beautiful day in Turkey!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü and the other end of the Rabbit Hole!


12 thoughts on “Kontrolation 2.0

  1. Boy, when Turks get started on something! I remember how the Turkish building firm who did work for us in France astounded us by how they got on with the job, worked like demons – and smiled all the time.

    1. Rain has just set in for a few days here in the SW. Getting the roof on and the exterior watertight was a priority with whatever else being a bonus – and the bonuses have been bountiful 😀

  2. My goodness, your fabulous new nest is almost finished!! I can’t take my eyes off of your photos, how hard working everyone has been, really so wonderful to hear. How I wished to cheer on with a glass of wine over that view!! we will make it happen – enjoy 🙂 Harikasiniz : ) Cok sevgiler, ozlem xx

  3. I can understand why you aren’t on the ‘Grand Designs’ program – you’d only make 2 minutes of viewing – their projects usually take years and involve falling out with all the builders – your builders look like they’d like to move in with you – I’ve seen awnings take longer to put up than this magnificent hidey-hole.

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