Kaçkar Captures

Back during the heat of summer J and I travelled up north and met up with friends on the Black Sea coastal side of the Kaçkar (Kachcar) Mountains. We were hunting out Carpathian Blue Slugs and you can read about it in this post.

The Black Sea region has a lot of rain and I seem to remember that it tipped it down every day mixed in with some drizzle – it was refreshing after the temperatures back home in Okçular! Anyway, I’ve just discovered some ‘little camera’ shots whilst idly swanning through some folders (just like the last posting). They capture the feeling and mood of the Kaçkars beautifully for me – hope you like them too. If you don’t like pics of flowers in the rain you should get back to doing useful things . .

In no particular order:










this was the dog’s dinner – I insisted on having a slice; delicious!


J choosing socks


friends feasting


Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

10 thoughts on “Kaçkar Captures

  1. Stunning, absolutely beautiful; made my day! i love that part of the world and you captured with these wonderful shots, many thanks for taking me there, I long to go back – super shots!:) cok selam ve sevgiler, Ozlem

  2. Alan, Terrific photos, as always, of that rather soggy world, so loved by flowers, mushrooms and slugs. BTW, heard on the news last night that you’re getting quite a bit of rain yourself now. Best to J.

    1. . . we are indeed having bucket-loads of the wet stuff. We’re fine perched on our slope but all around on the Aegean and Med coast is getting a real trashing.

  3. If we could just have a one day downpour in June, July and August, our climate would be perfect ( and you could take these photos at home)

  4. So many wonderful things you have found since moving to Turkey and I know you love it all.

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