Iran Life – All Ceilinged Out

I guess you’ve cottoned on to the fact that J and I think that Iran is a pretty amazing place – so amazing that within a few days I was struck down by a mysterious malaise much akin to battle fatigue. It was a mixture of vertigo; aching neck muscles; blurred vision and a sort of cerebral numbness. Before you make any smart comment about being ‘at it again’, I wish to state that in Iran a request to a waiter for ‘a glass of malt’ gets you something that looks like beer and tastes like ‘Vimto’ – if you are lucky! If you are unlucky it tastes like peaches!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes – my mysterious malaise – Ceilingtoliosis. I’m pretty sure that the bug got me on our first day in Iran, here, at the Golistan Palace in Tehran as I stood open-mouthed in amazement.



and ‘Yes’, that really is all crystal

What follows are just a few photos from part of one day in Esfahan. I’ve thrown in a couple of ‘other’ pics to reduce your chances of catching this incredulity-dulling infection – enjoy!

tiled dome Esfahan

tiled ceiling Esfahan

painted wooden ceiling Esfahan

by way of variety, a painted marquetry ceiling

tiled minaret Esfahan

we’re lucky if they paint the concrete where I come from

amazing music room Esfahan

this is the amazing acoustic ceiling of the 6th floor music room, created from gypsum plaster, in the palace on Imam Square – mini-concerts take place here still

acoustic music room Esfahan

painted ceiling Esfahan

a bit more painting and marquetry

beautiful ceiling Esfahan

I feel myself slipping under

Pansies Esfahan

so a quick whiff of smelling-salts

bridge Esfahan

even the famous bridge

painted ceiling hotel Esfahan

. . our hotel room (free-hand, not stencil)

painted restaurant Esfahan

local restaurant Esfahan

local restaurant – again, we are not talking transfers

cable-car Esfahan

in the end, we were glad to jump a cable-car, head for the mountains  and photograph . .

mosses, lichens Esfahan

. . some mosses, lichens and liverworts!

Alan Fenn, recovering in Okçular Köyü

10 thoughts on “Iran Life – All Ceilinged Out

  1. Alan. The pictures are amazing. Thank you for posting them. Hope you are better. Mary

  2. Alan, Your posts from your trip to Iran are so wonderful because you two have such an artistic eye! Yes, the incredible art that can be seen there was so mind-blowing but I’m so glad you are there with the artist’s eye to bring our attention to all of it. I don’t think we ever got over the mouth open, staring incredulously stage. Thanks for your wonderful posts and attention to the so many things that we didn’t really absorb the first time. Guess we’ll have to go back!

    1. we’re there in the Spring for three weeks wandering the out-of-the-way places exploring mountains, villages etc looking for flowers and the unusual – join us! We’d need to have our guide hire a people-carrier as opposed to his car but that’s a small detail. Thanks for the complimentary words 😀

  3. What an amazing country is there any more to come, I hope so it’s fascinating.

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