Impressions Backstreet Backdrops in Safranbolu

A few personal impressions of a beautiful town – away from the noise and fumes of traffic; and not a tourist to be found anywhere. You might also enjoy this humorous observation of this unique UNESCO World Heritage City.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

some of the many charming shops behind the restored kervansaray

Imperial past and faded grandeur

a lovely pair of knockers

. . and all about the house not a creature stirred; not even a little mouse

or here

unique to Safranbolu – a Snail Bush

backstreet industry

. . dreaming of a lost past or a future revival?

. . the Mosque on the Floss

another pair of pert beauties

. . a Turkish tradition being kept alive

away from the madding crowds

15 thoughts on “Impressions Backstreet Backdrops in Safranbolu

  1. Beautiful.
    As always, your photography is superb.
    Your obsession with knobs and knockers is, however, a trifle intrusive.

    1. It really is a nice place – there are plenty of hotel options, no need to book. Do turn up the back alleyways to get the best of the place.

      1. Ha ha, I was thinking I remember reading this post some time ago…and here’s the comment to show…and we’ve still not been to Safranbolu since that comment! 🙁 We’re only in January and it’s already looking tough for 2014 as we have other random plans but seeing these pics again, I know we’ll just love it…Plans are always random…let’s see. 🙂

  2. Alan

    FYI, those snails are not unique to Safranbolu, you can find them almost all over Anatolia.
    They belong to family called Enidae, genera is (very bloody likely) Zebrina.

    1. Hi Jolly Joker! Thanks for your input – the snails are indeed found all over Anatolia (and much wider afield), we have masses of then around our area and garden here in Mugla. The caption on the photo was meant to be semi-comic, because in all our travels around Turkey we have never seen such numbers clustered in shrubs covering such a vast area. It was an amazing sight.
      Welcome to the blog, I hope you continue to find it interesting.
      You might also enjoy browsing here where there are lots of photos.

  3. keep them in your garden, i have to collect few samples in this summer when i visit you guys…

  4. Ah – I see that my very own jolly joker (M) has noticed the snails. Anything malacological and he is all over it. Our romantic walks on the beach consist of him doubled over scanning the sand for new specimens. My favorite shelling moment in Turkey was in the midst of the barren-seeming, dry desert between Urfa and the Syrian border near Sogmatar – he found land snails in the dryest spot ever – and luckily no scorpions. 🙂

    But on to Safranbolu – gorgeous houses and knockers LOL. Can’t wait to get there. Do you feel that the attention from the UN has helped the city? I suppose so, if the Asian body-snatcherites are in residence…

    1. it is a beautiful place to visit for a short while – allowing through traffic rather spoils some of it. UNESCO recognition has done a lot to bring in more tourists and reinforce a culture of care and restoration.
      I can see M enjoying the area around Okcular when you visit – so much flora and fauna – no giant land snails though. TCOEO

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