'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'

Have a Nice Day!

There are few things I find more frustrating and de-humanising that airports. Airports are the f*&%$^@± pits and Dalaman ranks up there with the best of them!

J had spent some time whilst on the drive there and as I got my bags from the boot of the car communing with my agitated inner-self – ‘. . be calm, do your ‘Ommmmmms!’ and be nice to people, it’s not their fault they’re being a prat in your opinion.’ You’ll get there at the same time as everyone else and feel a lot less stressed . .’ She was and is, absolutely right of course – except for one thing – hadn’t allowed for the airport police who do the passport stuff.

Smiling politely I handed over my passport and residence permit. There was a much flipping of pages, much sighing and much mumbling and scowling – my anxiety metre began to register! He consulted his colleague and began questioning loudly and took not the slightest notice of my requests to slow down. More time went into muttering and flipping pages – more indecipherable questions were fired. Documents were slapped up and down in a very agitated manner and ‘questions’ became louder and more aggressive.

Eventually an English speaker was summoned to deal with this problem foreigner; and the problem was? There was no incoming stamp in my passport for this year!! I pointed to the residence permit – I live here. But where is the stamp for this year? I haven’t been out of Turkey since yonks ago. But where’s the stamp for this year? This is a problem. I live here! I live here! But where is the stamp for this year?

The penny finally dropped – You haven’t been out of Turkey? Much disgruntled stamping and muttering and slapping down of documents. By this time I was actually looking forward to getting out of the bloody place! His day had obviously got off to a bad start – thank you for helping me to enjoy it with you!

Alan in England

ps sorry no pics I’m using someone’s stupid Apple Mac and can’t find the ‘copy’ and ‘paste’

pps by the way; did you know that the world was supposed to end yesterday whilst I was in the air? had Armageddon come I wonder who would have been better placed – you on the ground or me in the air!

9 thoughts on “Have a Nice Day!

  1. I hear you loud and clear on the “have a nice day” crap. It makes me buggery. Sounds like the spiralling circles of expat hell.

    To assist in less hell, on the mac, it is the clover leave thingy key – and v for paste, c for copy, x for cut – same as control on the other keyboards…

    Enjoy your time with your daughter!!!

  2. We have heard it before from a Turk, trying to leave Turkey with a recently acquired passport and visa. There’s no way he could have obtained it that quickly. It had to be a forgery. He almost missed his airplane because of that.

    The customs officials at Dalaman are definitely not the brightest ones around!
    We are surprised though that your Turkish was inadequate. You took a 100-lesson course last year, didn’t you?

    1. I will not accept that this is the normal thing. I have never had such treatment before. My Turkish is very inadequate and the guy would not stop shouting and going on so he was not to be reasoned with.

  3. I had slightly the same problem last year because I renewed my passport here in Bodrum. It threw the poor boys into total panic because the passport number in their little computer thingy was different. Computer says no! God bless Turkish bureaucrats – not a lateral thinker among ’em.

    1. Like I just said to J, this really is not my experience of this country and its people. This cop was an arsehole in every way – luck of the draw.

  4. I had a slightly similar problem last year because I renewed my passport here in Bodrum. It sent the poors boys into a complete spin as the passport number was different to the one in their computer thingy. Computer say no! God bless Turkish bureaucrats. Not a lateral thinker among ’em

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