Incredible Okçular!

Burası Türkiye! This Is Turkey!

Look at this photograph – it was taken just two weeks ago. The track outside our garden was flowing like a river from the torrential rain and hailstones were piled up in various corners. The sky was drab and gray – we were drab and gray and spent much of our time camped around the fire with a good book and an even better single malt. Life was almost miserable!

Compare and contrast – today J and I went for a gentle wander along the lanes and goat tracks around our house to see what was to be seen. The morning was clean and fresh and bright – no clouds, no rain, no grey and no single malt (can’t have you thinking I’m one of those mindless, eternal optimists can I?).

Anyway, the Giant Orchids – Barlia robertiana have been around for a week or so and they are the heralds for the rest of orchidkind around here.

Over the next few months there will be a succession of different species and I live in hopes of discovering yet more to add to the twenty seven I’ve recorded so far. Let me tell you though, it isn’t as easy as you might think.

how is anyone supposed to find anything in this clutter?

‘Why not?’ I hear you ask. Because the place is so untidy – everywhere you look is covered in anemones and asphodels and gagea and buttercups and daisies and sand crocus and . . and . . and . . even the beautiful little Fritillaria carica ssp carica is getting in the way a couple of weeks before it is supposed to!

Despite the clutter we did spot these:

Sombre Orchid – Ophrys fusca

Ophrys bremifera

Yellow Ophrys – Ophrys sicula (prev lutea)

Burası Türkiye! This is Turkey! Ain’t it great!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

24 thoughts on “Burası Türkiye! This Is Turkey!

  1. So, you’re enjoying an early spring in Turkey and I’m stuck inside with a late, crushing winter storm in Kansas, USA. I’ll trade you!
    It is truly amazing that you can wander outside your house and find these beautiful flowers. I don’t think I have ever seen a wild orchid, despite many hikes through South American tropical forests. I guess I need to do more hiking in Turkey instead!
    Your pictures are great – my favorite is the Ophrys bremifera – so charismatic!

    1. . . this is an amazingly mild part of the world – much of the winter is t-shirt weather and flowers begin with the first rains in Sept/Oct. ‘Winter’ is a great time to visit for so many reasons. Glad you enjoyed the post and that it brightened your Kansas winter.

  2. What beautiful orchids. Here in the UK the weather is cold/wet/cold again and thoroughly miserable. Oh for a bit of warm spring like weather, it is almost March after all!

    1. Hello Judy and welcome to Archers! All I can say is come holiday in this part of the Turkey at this time of year – leave the miserable weather behind – it is mostly pretty comfortable here.

  3. You are still a couple of weeks ahead of us in terms of spring. We were in Teos yesterday and the asphodel was only just beginning to come out.
    You are several centuries ahead of us in terms of wildflower identification…

    1. . . a good starting point book is the ‘Wild Flowers of the mediterranean’ by Blamey and Grey-Wilson. It is not totally comprehensive and only covers species up to 1000mts but it does foe most general stuff. I’ve managed to acquire a lot of reference stuff over the years including an astonishing tome that covers every orchid species in Turkey – only challenge is it’s in German!!

  4. Your photos really made our day. Now we really know spring is coming! I loved your comment about ‘all the clutter.’ It reminded me of a neighbor we used to have in the U.S. who lamented the trees that lined our street because they ‘made such a mess.’

    1. . . not really complaining you understand – usually I just stand enthralled by what lies around and about us. Sixteen years now and it still amazes me!

    1. . . ‘Spring is sprung – the grass is riz – I wonder where – them birdies iz!’ as we used to say as kids in Kent. It will even come to Surrey, even if it doesn’t really exist any more ;-(

  5. You really have an eye for beauty. These pictures are just so beautiful. I like the third picture the most. Amazing how nature can be captures like this through a camera and onto a website. You made my day.

  6. Somehow it seems winter never came to Turkey this year. Fall just faded into spring with a cold snap in between. Looking forward to early spring produce.

  7. . . to be honest, that’s how our year goes pretty much every year – summer ends with the rains and spring arrives. just the two seasons. Welcome to Archers by the way 🙂

  8. Interesting! I hadn’t considered turkey in my travels but I might consider it in the spring time. There’s nothing like pretty nature to make me happy.

  9. Hi, I. am lucky enough to see some of these flowers on Maria Jonker’S walking once I have been near Kavakarası. I have been stoned by sarı süsen s view.

    I have also don’t want to beleive that that river is in front of your house that we walked several time nicely. My husband interested in single malt rather than river’s photo 🙂

    Dalyan lı anne

    1. Hi Cigdem, your hubby is a man after my own heart! As for the river – come up here when it is really raining and see for yourself! 🙂

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