As Time Goes By . .

Off to the UK tomorrow – ‘this blessed land, this septic isle, this . . . strange and alien place.’ All a bit of a worry, really. It’s been a while since I was last there so I’m expecting a few changes. I’ll be letting you know . .

'Gawd bless ya Ma'am!'

 Some young lads ‘avin’ a good time down Southend

my daughter said the streets are a bit ‘iffy’ these days

Alan Fenn, (nearly not in Okcular)

9 thoughts on “As Time Goes By . .

  1. You’ll be fine. And safe. It’s still the wonderful and exciting place it always was. Not quite Turkey, but hey…

    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Liam – the butterflies are still fluttering though!
      Hadi, bye bye! (as we say in Okcular)

  2. Iyi yolculuklar. We’ve not been back for over three years and really ought to go back at some point soon. Will be looking forward to your observations. 😉

    1. thanks guys – the observations will start at dalaman where you just might experience what I experienced!!

    1. Terry has beaten me to it! (see below) As for the world – I think the lady is capable of evolving and surviving anything ;-D

  3. Well, though I am not there to throw water after you, su gibi git, su gibi gel. Cannot wait for the observations to flow back in with your Okcularian and impossiblist lenses on. Are you the third from the left in the photo? And I find that bowling ball highly disturbing 🙂 Be well, enjoy.

    1. Ha! I’ll survive the trauma and try to be balanced although I doubt that would make for interesting observations. ‘TCOEO’

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