Archers On Psychology, Child-rearing and All That Jazz

Philip Larkin was many things; poet; Poet Laureate; jazz lover; librarian and one utterly screwed up individual!

This post has nothing to do with ‘living, loving and travelling Turkey’ and everything to do with a flash-back to the night I toilet trained my dearly loved daughter in a way that should have had me locked up. The fact that she loves me to this day gives me hope that this poor, twisted, exploited earth will one day shed the burden that is the capitalist system and emerge into a new dawn.

Such are the weird threads that loop through the minds of  ‘Bears of Little Brain’!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

7 thoughts on “Archers On Psychology, Child-rearing and All That Jazz

  1. I nearly used the poem in the book until I realised it would have broken copyright. Then I took the whole chapter out because it was about bad parenting and I didn’t want the child in question to be recognisable. Didn’t give a rat’s arse for the parents, though. They are still in the book without the poor child in tow!

    1. . . bad parenting! There’s a story – the sins of the fathers and all that. How my daughter ever grew up to be the gentle, loving soul that she is is beyond me!
      Some of the roads we walk are long and very winding!

  2. Bad Parenting! I am a pro at that! A “mamma snaturata” as the Italians say. My days are chock-a-block with terrible parental errors. My son and I still laugh over my toilet training nightmare with him. I made him so tense about pooping in the potty that he held it in for four days and then had a nuclear explosion –without a diaper on — at a park. After that I said, “you can wear that diaper the rest of your life if you want sweetie”. (Gosh, maybe that was my first step to becoming a true Italian Mozzarella Mamma).
    That said every time I meet parents who think they are good at parenting and try to give advice, I want to escape, and if they claim they have perfectly behaved kids, I become very suspicious.

  3. I do not totally condemn the kind of parenting our forebears had, but come to think of it, most of them grew up to be normal individuals.

    The trend of parenting we have today are designed to raise up spoiled kids who will refuse to grow up.

  4. every kid fucked up in their on way, not necessarily from their parents though.
    for example going to school screwed me up.
    my father was part of it too of course: because of him i became oppositional, agent provocateur etc., ask liz she will tell you everything.

    1. I think that the ‘system’ of rearing/developing children is designed to be ‘SNAFU’ as both the British and US armies used to say ‘Situation Normal All Fucked Up’!! Trust me, I’ll be asking Liz 😀

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