3 thoughts on “A Fresh New Look

  1. Hi Alan – just discovered your site – so can’t comment on old vs. new look. But I do like the mellow colour pallette. I like to use Tag Clouds to navigate to relevant content, but I found your cloud a bit difficult to navigate, and it takes a bit of patience waiting to get the tags to rotate to view them all.

    1. Thanks for the input, pretty new to all this stuff so feeling my way cautiously along. I take your point; I’d originally used a static cloud but it wasn’t easy to pick out some of the tags. I’ll check out some alternatives.

  2. @Alan – Your comment

    All of this is really a journey of discovery isn’t it? The Blog posting is the easy stuff, the site design and functionality is where is starts to get a bit sticky! The tinkering, tinkering never ends!

    I use Blue Host too… it’s the 3rd web hosting service I’ve tried, and I’m sticking with them. Easiest to navigate and understand.

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