Viewed Through A Different Lens 2.0

This is Türker! Türker is a friend!


He grew up to be a doctor but really all he ever wanted to be was a biker. He also has interesting things like a GoPro camera on his helmet and Bluetooth linked GPS that talks to him inside his helmet. I like things like that!


A few days ago he managed to get a couple of very rare days off so he leapt on his bike and came for a flying visit. We were delighted that he did because he is a very nice bloke and we like him a lot. These are his impressions:



on the run in beside the lake


walking the beach


at the quaint, rustic lake-side restaurant


the rental apartment


the morning alarm clock!


sun rise


‘seaside’ selfie


‘so-long, see ya’ selfie

Thank you Türker! It was such a pleasure to see you and we so enjoyed your company – do come again!

Alan Fenn, up here.

12 thoughts on “Viewed Through A Different Lens 2.0

  1. Dear Janet and Alan,

    I am so delighted to review your blog after that wonderful weekend we spent together surrounded with kind British gentleness and Turkish hospitality… It was a weekend to remember for me, Thank You so much for everything… We will share more quality time together both around Ortaca and Salda I presume… Take care and enjoy the part of Paradise you live in,

    Your friend Türker

  2. Hi Alan. Beautiful pictures from Paradise. Now Alan, in all my life I have never known envy but now I look at your pictures and I sure know what it is. Best wishes to you and Janet. Mary

  3. It talks to him inside his helmet….hearing voices used to land people in a lot of trouble…

  4. Alan, Türker seems like a real sweetie. Since both of you love gadgets, you must have gotten along famously (although I’d watch those voices in my head). The photos are really beautiful and do the place justice. I think I’ve had a meal or two at that lakeside restaurant and it was wonderful.

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