Incredible Okçular!

Testing – Testing

This post is by way of a try-out for a slide show – so maybe you’ll see it, and maybe you won’t. Maybe it’ll be here later and maybe it will have been kicked into touch! Maybe it’ll be something different from the usual waffle – and maybe it won’t!

If it works, here are just some of the beautiful ‘Orchids of Okçular’ – if it doesn’t work then here are not some of the beautiful ‘Orchids of Okçular’!
[levo cats=8]

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

18 thoughts on “Testing – Testing

  1. Beautiful slide show. Just love reading the ‘goings on’ of two of Okcular’s residents. One day we will drive up from Kalkan to see the place for ourselves. We have already decided to go to Birgi (?) to see that wonderful mosque your wrote about the other day.

    1. Hi Maddie, welcome to Archers! Hope you do come over – when you do, make it Jan-Feb-March when the whole area is awash with flowers incl many of these orchids. Call by, ask anyone in the village for Alan and Janet for directions. Glad you are going to Birgi, it’s well worth the time.
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  2. Alan, We are totally in awe of these wonderful orchids. We actually love orchids but would never be able to find them in the wild. When we were looking at them, we were thinking ‘well, what’s our favorite?’ Guess what? There isn’t one. They’re all gorgeous in different ways. By the way, we could get the slide show on our Macbook but NOT on our Ipad. Cheers and congratulations.
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  3. Alan, why do I just get a grey screen with the names changing as I suppose the photos are supposed to change? Challenges, challenges!

    1. thanks Stan! I’ve recorded 27 different species around my village and expect to find more over time. I was fortunate enough to be gifted the definitive ‘Orchids of Turkey’ by some researchers from Leyden University in Holland for helping with some unrelated work on dragonflies. The book is wonderful.
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