Life’s Like That!

Some days are good – and some are not so good! Last week we had a day that was not so good and it began at the hospital where we both had an appointment for eye tests. Now, we are paid up contributors to the state health-care system so when we booked in we had no thoughts of any glitches.

They breezed through doing the admin on J and then it was my turn – we both paled as we heard the dreaded word ‘Borç’! The system was throwing up that I had a debt, some unpaid contribution. We knew we had no debt and we had receipts going back four years to prove it but they were at home and you can’t argue with a computer. There was much huffing and puffing and attempts by staff to sort the matter over the phone – brick-wall!

So, before heading home for the receipts we decided to go to our bank and cash one of those Moneygram things that a friend in the UK had sent. Everything went swimmingly until I handed over my id card – Oh, dear! The Moneygram was addressed to Alan Fenn and my id said Alan Richard Fenn. There was no way we could possibly be the same person unless the sender changed the bloody thing to my full name! Another thing to do back home.

The second item on the agenda at the bank was to arrange for four insurance policies to all be paid in one hit as opposed to instalments which the bank was insisting could only be paid from a separate account in my name. Now I won’t bore you with details apart from saying that everything from homes to cars to bank accounts to you-name-it is in our joint names so why do we need another account in my name and why won’t they just take all the premiums in one go?  – these things can be utterly incomprehensible! Eventually the bank agreed – reluctantly -that they would let us pay in one hit. Before you mark that up as a win, just hold your horses.

I try to keep this image in mind when times are trying

We sighed, took several deep breaths and headed home. The Moneygram thing was sorted in minutes (may the gods bless social media and those who are always on it). We gathered up our receipts and headed back to town and the local social security offices. ‘Hallelujah!’ They were waiting for us and had already sorted the glitch and everything was in order. The sun had just come out on our day!

At the bank the Moneygram thing went well until the clerk said to me, eyes downcast, that the sender’s name I’d filled in was wrong. ‘It’s not Mister Frank’ he whispered. As my blood pressure surged to 160/90 and I snarled ‘Jean?’ he rapidly began redacting/editing the form muttering ‘Yes, Mister Jean!’ A few minutes later we had the cash.

Now, as we were in town, it was back to hospital to see if the eye doctor could fit us both in – she could. In no time we had our new prescriptions but were too knackered to do any more than head home and get the coffee pot on. We had had enough for one day.

Over coffee and a comfort bun I perused my prescription – it didn’t look complete so I dug out an old one and sure enough I appeared to have enjoyed a near miraculous improvement in my vision including self-correcting astigmatisms! Next morning it was back to the eye doctor and a retest that reversed the earlier miracle!

We allowed a couple of days to pass before returning to town to see the optician and the bank. The optician was a treat to deal with as we sailed smoothly through the process of lens and frame selection. The 30% discounts (which we know are a sales gimmick) made us even more mellow. Then it was to the bank and again it all went swimmingly. The ‘one-payment option’ was no problem we were assured. J asserted her right as joint account holder to sign whatever needed to be signed. I remember smiling behind my hand as the bank asserted its right to do things its own way and page after monthly page spewed out of the printer. They would take the money in one instalment but only after she had signed for each individual monthly payment! Sometimes life is like that!

A&J cocooned in isolation up in the mountains where life is simple and uncomplicated – mostly!