Sticks and Bones May Break My Cones

Been a bit desultory with the blog posts of late, preferring to doss around on my back reading, sleeping, moping and, just occasionally, contemplating my navel! (you’d be amazed how much fluff gets into those things – then again, you might not!) I’ve been a bit depressed, you see – mortality staring me in the face and all that. All sorts of little things can trigger these ‘mortality mopes’. Like the day you first noticed how young the policemen were looking or having some spotty teenager say ‘Come on, Grandad, sit yourself down here’ as he offers you his seat on the bus (back in the days when they did that sort of thing – and there were buses). Before you pass comment, I’m not so far gone that I’m not aware of the fact that I’m in Turkey where young people engage with, give respect to their elders and give up their seats on the dolmuş (mini-bus) as a matter of course – I’m moping, remember?

Anyway, what brought the mopes on this time? Well, J and I were doing a bit of garden cleaning and tree pruning. I was huffing and puffing as is my wont when there was a toot-toot and a cheery ‘Kolay gelsin!’ (may it be easy for you) from the gate. There were three employees of the electricity company who were gesturing at a fir tree I’d planted about 14 years ago which was now getting dangerously close to the overhead wires. J and I had, only minutes before, been discussing whether to drop it or try and lop off the top; there was a time when I’d have been up the tree and taken out the top, a fact we passed on to the guys. They smiled sympathetically, ‘Best take it down’ they chorused, firing up a chain saw.

Down it came in short order, only partly blocking the road. ‘Whose is it now?’ I asked. ‘Yours!’ said the foreman. I sighed and took a half-hearted swing with my machete at this fine, young red pine I’d known since it was a seed. ‘Hey, Mehmet’ shouted the foreman, ‘get this cut up properly for odun (fire wood), you can see he’s an old man!’

Depressed, Okçular Köyü

ps thank goodness we’re off on the road to somewhere or other tomorrow morning.

28 thoughts on “Sticks and Bones May Break My Cones

  1. Aww, bless. I choose to think that it is just the heat of the summer that has sapped your energy – you’ll be fine once the colder, crisper weather is with us.

    However, I sympathise. I am now nursing a herniated disc following the ridiculously-heavy work that we undertook to build the kennels, and I am besieged with comments about slowing down, acting my age …

    And blogging seems too much effort just now, frankly 😉

  2. Look on the positive side, they cut it up for you, saving you a load of hot sweaty work. Now you can go on your travels tomorrow without an aching back, blisters and whatever – so much more enjoyable that way.
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    1. Ahh! The magic of potions – thank you! Moon Flowers – as I write this J and I are sitting outside our delightful ‘box’ at the Çiçekli Bahce, the temperature is perfect, we are content and at peace with the world. Thanks for the tip.
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    1. I’m the first on the male side of the family to live beyond 55 – you’d have loved my 56th birthday party! We’re touring/exploring the area around Assos – Ayvalik – Kaz Dağ. Just arrived at a perfect little beach-side place – perfect start. 😀
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  3. Not quite the same but I recently had a period of inactivity due to a foot injury and ‘let myself go’ a bit, not bothering with bed yoga or anything that would help me stay supple. Lazy I can do but when that shows up around my middle and I can’t do buttons up then something must be done (a good does of vanity goes a long way).

    I’m sure that once’s you are presented with a wonderful new adventure on your travels, perhaps a mountain?….. you will be up it like a 10 year old!!

  4. Oh, where are you off to, then? İyi yolculuklar! Aww, poor tree. Trees galore are falling in Fethiye at the moment and are being replaced with new ‘more shapely’ ones. Meanwhile, we’re just excited to be getting a new road – although it would be nice to be on the road elsewhere while they get it all done. Enjoy your firewood. 😉
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  5. Please don’t you lot get too sympathetic with Alan – he might get to like it too much and I couldn’t possibly compete!

  6. Alan — I think a good mope never hurts. I think you’re about as lively as they come, so a good mope once in a while helps balance you out. I’ve been having a bit of a downer period myself lately. Won’t go into that though, wouldn’t want to drag you down, but now I am on a train headed for Ferrara, Italy because I have been invited to speak at a Journalism Festival about my blog. I am so excited, no one has ever asked me to speak about my blog before! But what is really cheering me up is being on this train going through the Italian countryside at dusk. It is stunningly beautiful. Wrapped up in my crazy lifestyle in Rome I forget how gorgeous Italy is. I wish I could do regular road trips like you and J. As fas as aging is concerned, I’ve got 50 sneaking up and me, and Rome is a bad, bad city for a woman to age in. Around 50 the upper-class Italian women start in with the silicone in their lips giving them rubber dinghy mouthes, botox in the forehead, massages for the cellulite in their thighs etc. Aaarggh. That’s not for me. So, I am sagging, letting the cellulite accumulate, the boobs slide, the lips and forehead wrinkle– and I am happy that way!!! But a man did offer me a seat on the bus the other day which did make me a little worried. Yikes!!

    1. Hi Trish! Lovely to hear from you – exciting stuff about your blog – good for you and women in Italy! As for growing old(er) – long ago determined to do it disgracefully for as long as possible. J and I will be in Tuscany for a week in November – acquaintances from Oz are on a house exchange and invited us to join them for. I’ve never been to Italy so all new experiences – J hasn’t been for many a year and is polishing here Italian – such a lovely language! June next year we are hunting Blue Slugs with E&M in the Kaçkar Mountains – lots of life in the old dog yet! 😀
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