. . to misquote Donald Rumsfeld.

We wandered back up here to the cabin today. The plan was to catch up on how the garden has been doing since we were last here two weeks ago when J planted a whole load of stuff. It’s been cold up here, here is a photo posted by our neighbour yesterday.

Not only has it been snowing but there was the ominous sound of a digger at work near where we source our spring water for the cabin. We should have gone to check what was going on right away, but we didn’t. An hour later and all that was coming out of the taps was a gurgle!

We girded our loins and set off to investigate. Seems some local has bought this particular bit of ravine and decided to pull the mountainsides down to create a flat area. In the process the digger has ripped out our pipe, ‘disappeared’ the filtration system and may well have done in the water supply to the beach cafe and another of our neighbours.

It’s ironic really because over-winter the garden watering system suffered some freeze damage and had only just been repaired!

I know, I know! This is not how it is and it’s just some ‘cock-up’ pic from the internet that I’m using for effect. But you know and I know that when people hire in blokes with diggers there is a disaster just waiting to happen. Guaranteed!

Anyway, when we pointed out the end of our ripped up pipe the patron said he was just as shocked as we were. He has assured us that it will all be sorted and we’ll be back in business within five days! Well, that’s what he said!

I’m not so sure because a short while ago the Forestry Technical Services people arrived together with a minibus full of Jandarma. Work has now stopped and the technical guys are remeasuring to ensure that all is as it should be. Our plumbing neighbour is well on top of the job and says he’ll get us fixed up with a temporary arrangement until things are sorted properly.

Meanwhile, we are stocking up on big bottles of water from the spring around the lake and an old bucket has been pressed in to service as we revert to the time honoured boating practice of ‘bucket and chuck it’! Always remembering, of course, to empty the contents down wind!

a finely crafted example of the basic shipboard item

As it says in the header of this blog ‘Burası Türkiye! This Is Turkey!’

Alan Fenn, re-enacting the life style pre-Thomas Crapper.



13 thoughts on “Shit Happens

  1. The polizei tend to come out to anything connected (sorry) with water here too, if the Environment Ministry boys are making an inspection….tempers can become frayed.

    Ah, the dear old days of bucket and chuck it! I almost hanker for them….

      1. You’ve taken me back 45 years to when we used to sail with the wonderful nautical cartoonist Mike Peyton. He didn’t believe hulls should have holes in them, so it was always bucket and chuck it
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  2. Hi Alan and Janet. So sorry to read your post but hopefully it will all get sorted soon. Shame someone else has found your beautiful place, hope they look after it as well as you do. Best as always. Mary

  3. Alan, I’ve always thought that the most dangerous thing in the world is a Turk behind the controls of a set of heavy equipment. Disaster unfortunately doesn’t wait very long to happen. Geçmiş olsun. Your upper lip is stiffer than mine could be.
    Take care, love and hugs, J and M

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