Our Gnashional Gallery

One-man projects are my thing. I don’t like people in my workshop and I don’t handle advice about ‘how to’ as well as I should – it’s a trait, like much else, that I blame on my mother rather than do too much uncomfortable self-analysis! This is why the latest project here at ‘Chez Nous’ has been a surprise – a triumph of cooperation and downright good taste!

For years I’ve had some rather good photographs of tree bark and fungi. It was J who pointed out the amazing patterns to be found in things that normally pass me by.

Blown-up to A3 they looked great – good enough to sit in a folder for years whilst I tried to work out what to do with them. There was a lot of wailing, gnashing of teeth and rubbishing of ideas, I can tell you.

Then J got excited about having Gülay paint us some pictures in the style of the great Audubon and suddenly we had more than just a few photos to think about – we had a gallery! To cut a long story short, there followed a remarkable (for me) period of calm cooperation on a project that has resulted in what we both feel is a dramatic triumph. What do you think?

Audubon by Gülay

fungal focal-point

restricted space and no wide-angle lens – our Gnashional Gallery – walking out of our bedroom in the morning is a real eye-opener!

Alan Fenn & J, Okçular Köyü

24 thoughts on “Our Gnashional Gallery

  1. The red background is really attractive, and it brings out the reds in some of the fungus photos and the berries in the single bird painting. Your neighbor did an amazing job on the audobon-styles. I would just stand and stare at that wall if I lived in your home!

  2. The photos and paintings are beautiful! A good way to bring a little more nature inside. I have been wanting to do something similar with travel pics – the panel set-up is a nice idea – I might borrow it! 😉

  3. Ah, yes. Guys and their workshops. We’re so impressed with the result of your collaboration with J. You should let her in your workshop more often! The red color is perfect to offset your beautiful photos and paintings.

  4. I like it. it makes a difference when you know it is your project and not shop bought. I always used to glue my jigsaw puzzles and frame them. Run out of wall space now though! 🙁 The last one got turned into a coffee table!

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