Okçular Book Bazaar

The Okçular Book Project exists to serve one purpose – to raise funds for environmental and community projects within our village. All income from sales of our books goes to this end – nothing is taken by way of commission or expenses. To date funds have been used to provide the children with a play park; we’ve decorated all of the junior school buildings with magnificent murals, created gardens and planted flowers and trees; we restored a wonderful, ‘antique’ garden chess set and provided an outdoor board for the school chess club. Next we created a village photo archive and publicly display some of the wonderful old photos at the village centre. We’ve provided a comprehensive science cupboard, wi-fi for all the classrooms, a library of reading books, expensive toner packs for photocopying worksheets and racks for 20 bikes at the village school. We provided lunch for all the children and staff before taking them to the DEKAMER Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach for their end-of-year school outing. It was a fabulous educational and environmental visit – we even gave the children a 100 Turkish Lira note to donate to the centre to help the turtles! Recently we provided an agricultural-grade watering system that will keep the trees and gardens alive and healthy throughout the summer when school is closed. In addition, we had protective fences installed to protect the gardens from the dangers of exuberant boys and their footballs! We want to do so much more.

Please Take Note:

I am now winding the Book Project down – it has been very successful and the children in particular have benefited greatly. We still have cash in the kitty and money continues to flow in so we are not stopping doing beneficial things in the village. That said, I’m not getting any younger and there are many other things I want to do, including an exercise machine for people with lower-body paralysis. Whilst stocks last you can continue to order and it will be fulfilled. Please be aware that ‘Backways and Trackways’ is sold out and no longer available. However, read on because a pdf printable download is now ready and waiting for you!

Our all-inclusive price covers postage and packing to any destination world-wide. All orders are processed via PayPal to ensure your security.

Okçular Village – a Guide is a wonderful introduction to our village and the beautiful and incredibly biodiverse countryside that is our ‘back garden’. There are lists of flora and fauna, lots of photos and stories from some of our old folks, some of whom were born when the last sultan was still on the throne and remember the rise of Atatürk and the foundation of modern Turkey. For those who love to explore there are six walks around the area with accurate maps and route details. The book is stitched for security and printed on high quality paper – it makes a wonderful gift or keepsake of your time in our village.

To order this hugely popular book, click the link and add it to your basket – only ₤10 incl postage and packing world-wide.


backways-and-trackways sold out_copy

. . but don’t despair – read on and see how you can obtain your own printable copy . .

Following the success of our first book, Okçular Village – a Guide, and many requests for more walks, the Book Project has published a comprehensive guide for walkers and cyclists called Backways & Trackways that covers the areas around Dalyan, Okçular and Çandır including Ölemez and Kösten Mountains.

Meticulously researched, this guide is produced to the very highest standards with accurate maps and detailed instructions. It is spiral-bound for convenience and printed on laminated card for durability and moisture resistance. The book has proved to be a worthy follow up; adding a whole new dimension for those who visit our area. If you love to explore by bike or on foot then this is your essential companion and route-planner.

Although now out of print you can download a printable pdf version of Backways & Trackways by clicking this link B&Tpdf and then click on the image to download.

Thank you for supporting the Okçular Book Project, the children in particular appreciate your contribution. You can show your support in a very practical way by making a suitable donation using the PayPal Donate button below. You do not need a PayPal account to help us to help the children of Okçular.

‘İyi yolculuklar’ Have a good journey.

You can also support our project by simply donating directly – we always acknowledge you and your help. Thank you!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

ps If you live or are staying locally to Okçular contact me by phone (0533 658 0788) or email (surmanfenn at gmail dot com) to obtain your copy of Okçular Village a Guide (less p+p).

Copies are currently available from my home in Okçular or from my car – stop me and buy one – or online.

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