Off Piste we are not! Our boule piste may not be up to league standard but they are good for a laugh – especially for me as J is on a losing streak these past few days. Comments of empathy/sympathy can be attached and I will enjoy responding!

But enough of all that ‘off piste’ stuff, off grid is what this is about. I mean, no mains electricity equals no electric ovens so what to do when you fancy roast chicken, jacket spuds and roast onions? The answer is in the can!


Forty five minutes later . .

Go on. Admit it, you’re impressed, aren’t you?

Alan, on the frontiers of technology!

16 thoughts on “Off Piste!

  1. Impressed? Yes!
    Apparently the system you use requires those who comment to be more prolix…so ]I have been.
    Still impressed.

  2. Alan, So what we want is details! What can? What was the chicken resting on? (I assume the can didn’t have a bottom.) We love chargrilled chicken, too, but being life-long city rats with no scouting experience, we need more detailed help. Looks deeeelicious!

    1. . . the can in the middle of the fire! The villagers use an old cheese tin – works just as well as our up-market jobbie. Ours has a tray that sits on the ground inside the tin with a three-pronged spike to impale the chicken on. The villagers use a stick stuck in the ground and just dump the tatties and onions in the dirt. With a tray the juices stay and baste the veg – splendid fare!
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  3. Food cooked like that always looks and tastes so good. Resourceful to the core!
    Hope all is well there.

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