J and I are back up at the cabin for a couple of days. Our excuse this time is that the worms need to be fed and watered and there are still some parsnips waiting to be pulled. Despite the cold we are always glad to be here – there is something special about this place.

I’m not going to bore you by groaning on about it, but getting about has been something of an expletive deleted lately due to creaky joints. J, on the other hand, continues to stride about the mountains and forests like a female version of Tom Bombadil!  

In the past I’ve found that a cream made from juniper oil and produced organically at the Lisinia Project near the village of Karakent beside Burdur Lake (about an hours drive from the cabin) has given relief.   Lisinia is an amazing place and a splendid source of all sorts of pure products that are not going to poison your system with nasty chemicals and additives. We call by regularly and always try and take any visiting family and friends there.

Last time local-born artist Durul Bakan was in the process of creating an amazing eagle from twigs of juniper. This time the creation was in place along with another of his works. They are a sight to behold!

The Lisinia Project is the life’s work of veterinarian Öztürk Sarıca. Here sick and wounded wildlife are treated and whenever possible  returned back to the wild. Those too damaged stay here and although often they are a sad sight they are loved and serve as an education for visitors.

Dances with wolves – Öztürk Sarıca and much-loved inmates

Öztürk’s interest in producing a range of pure, organic products stems from his research into why he lost many members of his family to cancer. He realised that there was a very strong connection between additives, chemicals, artificial fertilisers, you name it, used in much of the industrial farming that goes on in Turkey and around the world. Using locally grown organic ingredients from lavender to juniper to marjoram to sage to thyme to . . . this tiny facility helps us fight back against a tidal wave of adulterated commercial ‘poison’.

There is no entrance fee and the project does not accept donations from anybody. It is self-supporting by selling its pure, natural products to visitors.

The site is also an open-air art gallery, education facility and photographers’ delight.

. . . and there is so much more! I urge you, if you are near Burdur, to make time to visit and support this truly amazing and inspirational project.

Alan – looking for an organic knee replacement!!

12 thoughts on “Listening To Lisinia

  1. The idea sounds wonderful…though I could live without the art.
    There used to be a salve you could buy in France…Baume de Peru. Obviouly too successful at helping creaky joints as it was withdrawn from sale and its successor, Baume des Pyrenees, is useless.
    Mark you, they still sell the Elixir de Abbe Perdrigeon to be used in cases of nervous shock and the Jouvence de l’Abbe Soury for that particularly French problem of heavy legs…

    Ethanol only available here denatured. Spoilsports.

    1. when ridiculed by a doctor about this stuff I pointed out that it didn’t matter if it only worked in the mind – it still worked! As for the ethanol – best get the still out of the attic 😉 The ‘art’ is a sequence depicting the problems/damage being done to the Earth by consumerism – there are far more than shown in the post.
      Alan recently posted..Life’s Like That!My Profile

  2. The Ethanol here Helen is to have an additive added now – big spoil sports. I really want to go to tge Lisinia project Alan, how long do you thik the drive from Bodrum would be?

  3. Alan,

    So sorry about your joints creaking. Of course, happily you have J to pick up the slack and make the gin, too. BTW, the gov’t is putting out warnings about still-making and homemade booze. First, they raise the price until people can’t afford it, then they get mad because making home brew has become all the rage. Besides the gin and rakı, we hope you find another way to relieve the joint pain. Love, J and M

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