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Happy Ever After

About three years ago a delightful young lady by the name of Anna learned about our village primary school. Anna, who was also at primary school in the UK, was shocked when she realised that, compared with the facilities that she and her fellow pupils enjoyed, our children had to get by with very basic equipment.

cake bakeKnowing that one of our school’s dreams was to have a science cupboard she set about the business of turning dreams into reality. With a bit of help and support Anna baked cakes and biscuits that she then sold at a ‘Cake Bake’ stall. In all she raised the princely sum of £100 which was handed over to the school on her behalf when her nanny came out to Turkey on holiday.

Anyway, as often happens here in Turkey, suddenly everything changed. First it was announced that the state was going to supply science equipment to primary schools and so our staff waited to see what would materialise before spending Anna’s gift. They waited, and then they waited some more! Nothing! Then came the great reorganisation with primary, secondary and high school divided into a 4:4:4 system. Before anyone realised, three years had gone by and poor Anna had no idea how her money had been spent (or in this case, not).

It was with some relief that J and I had a call from the school staff to say that they had learned that the state wasn’t going to come up with anything so could we please get back on course with the science cupboard. We met with them and together with Anna’s £100 we guaranteed a further 700 lira from the Okçular Book Project funds and ‘Voila!’ our school now has some really good quality equipment for the children to use.

Most of the stuff, as you would expect, is made up of boring things like beakers, bunsen burners, pipettes, slides and the like. Pride of place goes to a beautiful, top quality microscope and two figures for anatomy lessons. So, on behalf of Anna whose initiative really got this ball rolling, let me introduce you to ‘Osman’, a really old Turk, Mike O’Scope and some of the Cupboard Crew.

Okcular village school science cupboard

l-r head teacher Erdal, ‘Osman’, teacher Mahmud

Okcular village school science cupboard

gruesome twosome – Osman and Brainiac

Okcular village school science cupboard

So, a really big ‘thanks to you Anna’ from the present and future pupils of Okçular İlkokul (Primary School).

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

24 thoughts on “Happy Ever After

  1. Thank you for sending this to me, you will make one “young lady” very happy.
    From that little girl 3 years ago she has blossomed into a young lady heading for Secondary School.
    Thank you for adding money from your book fund a great result

  2. Only by reading the comments did I cotton on to how young the “young” lady Anna is or was then. Well done to all of you.

  3. What a wonderful thing you have been able to make happen. When first reading I got the impression that Anna was actually a teacher but further reading proved otherwise. What a great thing for a ‘young’ lady to do.

  4. For one little girl to want to help so many other children is just such a wonder thing to do and I’m sure they will all be very grateful to her.

  5. For one little girl to want to help so many other children is just such a wonderful thing for her to do and I’m sure it has all been very much appreciated.

  6. Alan, Really, we’re so thrilled about your brilliant project. Too bad the school had to wait the extra 3 years but better late than never. Anna sounds like a really special girl. Congratulations to all of you.

  7. What a great project – I am so glad that everything worked as I was getting nervous reading the post that somehow the money would have ‘disappeared’! Well done, Anna, all of you!

  8. I’m glad there are people like Anna who has the initiative to make a difference. More people should be like her. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Congratulations to your school!

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