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As I said a couple of posts ago – ‘Amazing!’ is all around us – staring us in the face and begging to be noticed. ‘Amazing!’ is in our gardens, behind our cupboards, down the street or lane outside our houses. ‘Amazing!’ is everywhere – if only we are patient and take a few moments to observe – the ordinary becomes extra-ordinarily – ‘Amazing!’  That being the case, and not having got out much lately, here are some more photos, all taken in my garden, that are ‘even more amazing’ depending on how you feel about these things!

It is also an easy way for this lazy blogger to stick up a post without too much thought or effort – enjoy or not as the fancy takes you! Let’s start with something that should fill you with wonder . .

Anax ephippiger (f) 5

this macro shows the ‘engine room’ of one of Turkey’s rarest dragonflies, Anax ephippiger – Vagrant Emperor


this was a very inquisitive Chameleon

I do like flies!

copulating snails – snails are hermaphrodites, both sexes in the same body. Here you see an AC/DC couple having an intimate, slimy moment – when all else fails they can turn themselves on and, as the song goes, ‘Sisters Do It For Themselves’ or words to that effect!

Ischnura elegans – Common Bluetail not a very good photo but a chance to see how delicate and ‘friendly’ some damselflies are

Kirina roxelana – Lattice Brown, I think the sunlight shining through the wings is beautiful

young Cone-head Mantis – Empusa pennata

Laudakia stellio – Starred Agama

This guy lives in hole in the wall that is too small for him – every night his tail is hanging out. He is very shy and very entertaining and will have his own post the next time I don’t feel like doing much! I hope the photos made it worthwhile dropping by . .

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

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  1. Alan, I really like the photography, especially the young cone-headed mantis and the “engine room” detail image… really like this work… thank you and all the very, very best to everyone there in Okcular!


      1. Alan, Mark has just marvelled thru your photos; he says “pray Mantis looks so cool and has sharp ends on his arms to kill his prays; and apparently a master of camuflage!” So lovely to share this with the kids and I think you and Mark need to spend sometime together : ) Cok selamlar, Ozlem
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        1. . . really delighted to get this – tell Mark that I’d be happy to meet up with him (and the rest of you) next time you guys are over here. We could go for a walk and maybe a picnic with a view 🙂

          1. Oh, that would be lovely Alan – we missed Turkey this summer but we hope to bring the children to the south coast during 2014 summer – my parents have a time share place near Bodrum, perhaps we can do a day trip to see you guys, how fabulous would that be!! in the meantime, we will feast our eyes on your photos : ) cok selamlar, ozlem
            Ozlem’s Turkish Table recently posted..A refreshingly delicious Baked Chicken with Summer Vegetables, Chickpeas and Lemon PepperMy Profile

  2. Fantastic pictures yet again Alan. The Cone-Head Mantis seems like a creature I’ve seen in a movie recently– truly amazing. Maybe you should get a job with National Geographic — maybe I should get a camera like yours so I can do a few easy-peasy lemon-squeezy posts without stressing myself out about writing. It might take me some time to find some snails copulating in Rome though. Lucky you to be surrounded by such exquisite natural beauty.
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    1. . . it’s also something we ‘cultivate’ Trisha (being surrounded . .). Just in the process of creating a dedicated habitat for all sorts of creatures that could be duplicated in some form or other by most people in most situations – I feel a post coming on!
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  3. It’s like you say it’s surprising what we can find all around us with a little bit of patients, the photo’s are amazing and your write up great.

  4. It is amazing Photography, Especially young Cone-head Mantis is very nice and funny. I like it. This type of pics, wildlife photography, Landscapes, bird photography and nature photos etc., i likes very much

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