Do What You Do Do Well, Boy!

Well, here we are. Déjà vu all over again! We were feeling deprived and it was something J and I just couldn’t put up with. (and before you pendants begin to stir) No, being away from our mountain retreat any longer was something up with which we could not put!

I mean, look at the view – who wouldn’t want to be here?

It feels great to be here. Within minutes of arriving everything was checked out and working fine. The fire was lit, the solar systems were providing hot water and electric power and all was well with the world. One hour in and we were out in the garden doing what we do so well, picking over the veg plot, planting onions along with the odd, lonely little petunia and moving piles of rocks about!

this is ‘Happy’. ‘Grumpy’ is on the shovel!

Oak logs were sorted to keep the fire in overnight – temperatures will drop to minus or just below. The wheel barrow has a newish wheel. The pond looks great. The wild pigs have had a root about but have done no damage so all is well with the world.

Alan Fenn, up here.

ps ‘do what you do do’ got me thinking. How many times can ‘and’ be followed by ‘and’ in a sentence and still make perfect sense? Answers on a postcard (or in a comment).

18 thoughts on “Do What You Do Do Well, Boy!

  1. Hi Alan. It’s all looking great. Different to your last visit, it all looked wonderful in the snow. Glad everything ok up there. Don’t work too hard and have a great year. Best wishes. Mary

  2. Well you made it in the end, And how different it all looks I was expecting to see a few feet of snow up there, I expect there will be more to come, then you can have another little play !!!!!!! Enjoy your time there I know you will.

  3. Grumpy,

    I only saw ‘Happy’ on the pick in your photos, no ‘Grumpy’ on the shovel in sight. Must be thinking up questions like the use of the conjunctions and and but in a sentence, or some such. Lovely place you two have up there. And we should know! Love J and M

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