Did You Really?

It is almost impossible to grasp how much has been achieved since we rolled down the ‘rabbit hole’ last Thursday. You read in the last posting how our good neighbour organised a tractor and plough that very day and how Hüseyin usta, our ‘Pocket Hercules’ spent the next two days dragging and carrying out tons of rocks from the plot.

grumpy old sod wandering aimlessly in circles is captured on hidden camera

Day three saw us begin the back-breaking task of digging holes and planting a variety of different fruit and nut trees. Three days of solid graft and we had somewhere in the order of fifty trees in the ground!

work tools

tools used to break backs

grumpy old sod watering

grumpy old sod behind wall

Oh! I also made a very nice ‘country-style’ kitchen cum dining table to replace the folding ‘thingy’ we have been using.

country table1

under construction

country table2


country table3

ready for the consumers

Tuesday we were thanking our lucky stars because we had a short, two day visit from some very dear and very interesting friends. It gave us the chance to stand upright and share the pleasures of this place along with some good food, good wine and, most important, good conversation!

beach stroll

Walks on the beach on Tuesday was followed by a drive up into the mountains Wednesday. The good conversation was constantly interrupted by gasps and exclamations of amazement at the views.

friends up mountain

Friends having gone back to Dalyan it was time to get an irrigation system organised. Once again our good neighbour Ramazan was on hand to get the man for the job. He will get everything that is needed and start on Friday – with luck and a fair wind the job should be finished in one day and we can get back home to Okçular in time for the Argentinian MotoGP races Sunday evening.



Finally, an old fart and his squeeze, both mere shadows of their former selves and in the twilight of their day, enjoy a well-earned glass! Sorry, wrong photo!

old codgers

Alan Fenn, knackered, having done quite a lot, but feeling good!

ps In answer to the question – ‘Yes, we really did!’

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  1. Never mind, next year you can sit back and enjoy the blossom on the trees…. with a glass of wine on your non wobbling table.

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