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Children’s Day – A Little Turkish Delight

I don’t think J and I have missed a Children’s Day since we first became associated with our village primary school. Nisan yirmi üç (April twenty third) has been burned into our diary for a long time. We couldn’t forget anyway because there is always a phone call from the staff to keep us on track!

23 nisan ile ilgili resimler 3

Children’s Day here in Turkey was instigated by Atatürk in the early days of the Republic. Here in Okçular it’s a chance for the children to lay on a show for their parents and grandparents. It is also a day when even the tiniest tot will have a chance to bellow greeting or slogan into a microphone!

childrens day1

Every class gets to dress up and dance, recite or perform a skit – this year it was all dancing.


the youngest danced dressed in regional costumes as they assembled a map of the country

childrens day3

childrens day4

childrens day5

Then it was the turn of other classes to turn on the style . .

childrens day6

childrens day7

childrens day8

There’s a prize of a Mars bar to the first one to spot mum in the crowd!

childrens day9

childrens day10

the top table is all very well . .

childrens day11

. . if you can see through the wall-to-wall photo-ops

Part way through the proceedings there was a pause for presentations to parents and a local business couple who have helped the school through the year. We’ve been caught on the hop by these surprise presentations ourselves previously so we were enjoying cheering on the latest group of recipients as they smiled awkwardly and shuffled from foot to foot in front of everyone.  And that was when they caught us again!

childrens day13

childrens day12

Then it was back to the festivities . .

childrens day14

childrens day18

‘Turkey is my life’ – may reality never intrude

Followed by photo credits to a great staff . .

childrens day15

childrens day16

. . and finally, that all-important endorsement from Yeliz

childrens day17

Just a taster of what was a delightful morning for us. J and I love these people, this village and this country. May these kids grow up in a world free of conflict and may humanity learn that we have more in common than we often think and any difference is only skin-deep.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

16 thoughts on “Children’s Day – A Little Turkish Delight

  1. And there was me thinking J was for Jennifer. Sounds like a splendid day and yes, let’s hope all children can one day grow up in a more peaceful world. I’m keeping everything crossed.
    Jack Scott recently posted..UrinetownMy Profile

  2. How great it is to see all the children enjoying them selves doing there bit in front of all there families and friends, I too hope they grow up to a better world.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to this wonderful celebration. Oh, how I miss Turkey. I lived in Turkey for years and miss it. (In fact, I know the Senior Dogs well.) I’ve just written a memoir about living and teaching in Istanbul–any chance you’d be willing to feature or mention it? YOU MUST ONLY TO LOVE THEM, LESSONS LEARNED IN TURKEY. Please let me know if you’d like more information. THANKS!

  4. What a wonderful event. Those children are just sooooo cute!!! Good for you and J for supporting the school, what a worthy investment! The first photo of little girl in the cute peach dress reminds me of my niece in Austin, Texas. Yes, let’s hope we can make this world a better place for all of them (or maybe we should hope that they are smart and wise enough to clean up the mess that we are making). Thank you for sharing such a lovely day.

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