Incredible Okçular!


‘Amazing!’ is all around us – staring us in the face and begging to be noticed. ‘Amazing!’ is in our gardens, behind our cupboards, down the street or lane outside our houses. ‘Amazing!’ is everywhere – if only we are patient and take a few moments to observe – the ordinary becomes extra-ordinarily – ‘Amazing!’

These shots are all from my garden – I don’t pretend to be much of a photographer or that these are great photos – it’s just that, for me, these are amazing subjects . .

beautiful compound eyes of a fly

the amazing and very beautiful compound eyes of a fly

eyeball-to-eyeball with a young Leopard Snake Elaphe situla often referred to as Rat Snakes they are constrictors that feed on small mammals and lizards

Hyla arborea – Common Tree Frog these are the noisy little blighters that keep you awake at night and they can change colour very quickly

Libellula depressa (m) 2_1

Libellula depressa – Broad-Bodied Chaser common and found all over Europe – how often do we notice?


A grumpy-looking Chamaeleo chamaeleon – Chameleon sitting on my hand whilst being transferred from kitchen to garden


Robber Fly – Asilidae family sucking the life out of a hover-fly

Saturnia pyri – Viennese Emperor Moth, Europe’s largest – this one has just hatched and is still pumping up its wings

a detail of the wing of an emperor moth

. . and finally something with an ‘Ahhhh!’ factor for everyone . .

Syrian Squirrel (up close)_1

there is a family of Syrian Squirrels living in a tree just outside the garden – they are regular visitors to the bird tables

That’s it for this time – more later.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

22 thoughts on “‘Amazing!’

    1. !woW – from Ed actually. These were taken with the recently retired camera – I’m working on understanding the new one which is, as Amerikan folks like to say, ‘Awesome!’ The chameleon must have wandered in through the open door or windows, I discovered it climbing up the curtains. There is a bit of video of it on the blog, just click on the thumbnail in the right hand ‘Archer’s Videos’ panel.
      Alan recently posted..‘Wow!’ – Ed’s View Whilst Wandering Wild PlacesMy Profile

  1. Yes, I will be an American here and say it…AWESOME!!! Fantastic, fabulous, wonderful amazing photos. I love your grumpy-looking Chameleon, you libellula is lovely, and it is fascinating to contemplate the close-ups of the eyes of the frog, the snake and the fly, not to mention the fake “eye” on the wing of the moth. I am so glad you did stay at home and give us a close-up view of the marvels in your garden.
    Trisha Thomas recently posted..Chewing the Cud in the Italian AlpsMy Profile

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