The world, it seems, is going to hell in a basket! The trashing of the means of survival is a uniquely human trait – apart from lemmings we appear to be the only species that thinks there is a better world on Mars or in the afterlife!

Actually, that is not strictly true (or even true at all), there is no real evidence that lemmings are as stupid as humans! And despite our moronic, blinkered belief that we were granted this world and all that is in it to trash as we please by some imagined Abrahamic deity a  few thousand years ago, by and large, and unlike lemmings, we have failed to grow up into adults.

Meanwhile, Mother Earth-Toprakana-Gaia – struggles on and still manages to amaze us if we bother to notice. Yesterday she provided just such a display of the ‘Amazing! Just amazing, really!’ J and I were walking along the amazingly white beach of our amazingly (nearly) unique magnesium lake. It is my habit to dawdle and poke about in the undergrowth in the hopes of finding creatures and/or flowers that pique my interest.

this is the beach habitat/environment

There, in bunches of sedge scattered between fifty and two hundred metres from the water, were thousands, possibly millions of dragonflies bursting out from their larval stage into the full glory of adulthood. Truly ugly ducklings (for some) into beautiful, graceful swans!

Here is one of the ‘swans’ that has taken a fancy to J followed by images of the amazing transformational process. The species is Orthetrum cancellatum – Black-tailed Skimmer. They are common all over Europe and much of the UK which takes nothing from the spectacle of this mass emerging.

the process begins

everywhere, in countless numbers

meet the fragile, beautiful débutante

and a reminder of just how amazingly beautiful this creature is

Anyway, back to my opening gambit – I’ve discovered how, when the time comes, that I can actually go to hell in a basket – amazing really!

Alan, still being amazed after seventy two years!

10 thoughts on “Amazing, Really!

  1. That was a wonderful sequence of photographs…and what luck to be waking in the right place at the right time.

    As to going to hell…do they do handcarts?

    1. it is something I’ve observed in my garden pond but the sheer scale of this emerging in mind-blowing! As for handcarts – of course, how else are we decrepitated types to make the trip?
      Alan recently posted..Off Piste!My Profile

  2. I just know that you would have been in your element seeing all them dragonflies brilliant. And I love the basket idea do you think you could bring one over for me next time you come. !!!!!!!!!!! No oh! what a shame.

  3. Alan, You know, those photos have to be the most brilliant you’ve ever done, and that’s saying something. Really awesome.
    I’ve heard that here in Turkey, you don’t get to keep the basket which is okay with me. It’s better to be in direct contact with Toprakana, although let’s not hurry things along!

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