A Bit Of A Shower

J and I got back from Iran to a couple of things (apart from a mound of emails) that are not every day matters, especially at this time of year. First, there was a lot of unseasonal but very welcome rain – cloudbursts even. Second, there was a group of walkers from Manchester that we’d committed to take on a hike through our mountain paradise.

It very soon became apparent that the two were linked – the ‘Shower’ from Manchester had brought their notorious weather with them! They also turned out to be a bunch of  (mostly) experienced ‘yompers’ who were delightfully interesting company to boot! I’ve never been one to believe that ‘interesting hikers’ was, like ‘military intelligence’, an oxymoron – although there are some X-Box players who do!

some intermittent drizzle

IMG_2143_1 IMG_2144_1_1 IMG_2145_1_1 IMG_2146_1_1 IMG_2147_1_1

followed by a right old shower


Anyway, we had a great time together as they showed me up by being totally unaffected by the heat and inclines whilst this old ‘Boffer’ had leg cramps for the first time in his life. Such was the pity that they felt that at the end of the walk they made a very generous donation to the Okçular Book Project as well as buying a good number of books. What can I say? Our children and village thank you – a deluge of generosity from the Manchester Shower. May your walks be life-long, filled with gentle sunshine and may Lancashire win the County Championship (Not much chance of the last two, eh! You could always try Premium Bonds!)

Alan Fenn, recovering in Okçular Köyü

ps I will get around to Iran Life stories

12 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Shower

  1. Hi Alan. Welcome back. I look forward to reading about Iran. We returned from Dalyan last Saturday. Lovely to be there meeting up with Peter Dee Zoe and a few others. Weather was not good. Too much rain but still great to visit and be with the Mandalinn family. Glad your guests enjoyed their walk in your beautiful valley. Best wishes to you and Janet. Mary x

  2. Alan, We’ve also had some unseasonable rain up here in Istanbul (which we desperately need so that even though it’s messing with our paint job, we’re glad of). So glad you enjoyed yourself with your new hiking friends. We’re also looking forward to your Iran stories.

  3. Glad you had a great trip, look forward to hearing all about it.
    John and I are just back from a very cold and rainy week in Hissaronu.
    We still managed to have a good time.
    Hope it clears up for Hazel and I paying a visit to Dalyan in a couple of weeks.

  4. It’s nice to hear so many friends are pleased to have you back. sounds like the Manchester walkers had a great day with you both and I’m sure the showers made them feel quite at home !!!!!!

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