What On Earth . .

. . do you find to do all day?

OkBook_resizeSound familiar? Living where we do, which is a bit off the beaten track, those words are something of a constant refrain from numerous walkers who stop by the house. Most of them are clutching their copies of the Okçular walking and cycling guides and thoroughly enjoying wandering and observing what J and I try not to take for granted. Meeting people who appreciate what we have here in our corner of Turkey is usually a real pleasure and we actively encourage them to call by and top up with cold water or share a coffee.

Once settled, conversations invariably get around to ‘This is such a beautiful spot. So peaceful. You’re so lucky to live here.’ followed by ‘What on earth do you find to do all day?’, or words to that effect. ‘Beautiful’, ‘Peaceful’ – Yes, it is. But ‘Lucky’? Absolutely not, it took a lot of planning. As for finding things to do when there isn’t a bar or a sun lounger to be seen anywhere – where should we start?

There’s walking and exploring; travelling at home and abroad; political writing and research; blogging (even J is at it these days); photography; gardening and composting (J); music; reading; and . . and, oh, yes! There’s this place – ‘behind the green door’ to quote the old rock song.


‘. . I need to find out what’s behind the green door’





some of these tools belonged to my grandfather


. . and father and they are as good today as ever they were



when we moved here it was ‘lock, stock and old shop signs’

Next week I’ll try and come up with something interesting like . .

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü Sanayi Sitesi

18 thoughts on “What On Earth . .

  1. That is more than ‘just a shed’ that is a serious workshop! No wonder you have lots to do,

    1. . . it is indeed neat, which is most unusual. I’m a bit of an untidy worker and the workshop gets a once a year spring clean – this one took three days, on and off, and I was so pleased with myself I took these photos!

  2. Rather than “what do you find you do all day?” my question is “Why do the hours of the day rush past so fast?” Days were much longer when I was a salary-slave.

  3. Hmm…. carpentry, a little plumbing, tree surgery, mechanical repairs, perhaps some electrical work and more, no doubt. Alan, you must be quite popular with your neighbors!

    1. . . no doubt – you missed painting and decorating; welding; general metalwork; bricklaying, drains and paving – all the tools are there. I generally try to conceal things from anyone who lives locally and have learned never to lend out tools, especially to friends!!

    1. . . you are on dangerous ground there Mike – to quote Francis Urquhart – ‘You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment!’

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