We’re On The Road Again

First off; sorry about the ‘ghost post’. There you were, so excited to have another scintillating post to oooh! and aaah! over . . and nothing! Put it down to sticky fingers!

Anyway, A & J are on their way (again). Whither our way? Who can say – roughly upwards


towards the top of the map; left and right a bit as the fancy takes us. A stop here and there – we’ll see – and so will you if we find a loose network to hack in to. I’ll have my trusty VINN but why use up my Gigabytes!

Hadi Bye Bye! A&J

. . and 'J'

ps it’s a funny old thing with tramps and  Google – ask for a ‘Tramp’ or ‘Gentleman of the Road’ and you get a fair selection. Ask for a ‘Lady Tramp’ or a ‘Lady of the Road’ and you end up with a selection of sexy, tattooed trollops or two loveable cartoon dogs! Technology – I just don’t get it!

sorry . . this is 'J'



4 thoughts on “We’re On The Road Again

    1. you are the ghostly standard to which I aspire! As for Thelma and Louise – we’ve been going over the cliff for years 😀

  1. Iyi Yolculuklar! Looking forward to seeing where you end up. We’re just sat feeling quite ill at the prices of hostels and hotels for when we go to Istanbul. It’s going to be an expensive trip!

    1. Thanks! Istanbul is getting expensive, we were there in May and it was OK; we were due to go there again last weeks to meet up with our son who is on tour and the price of our usual place (Pera Rose) was up to TL200 for us two incl breakfast. In reality not too bad for a big expensive city.

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