Welcome Home!

Can’t tell you how delighted I am to have my old mate and former World Superbike Champion, Carl Frogarty back with us for another season. He’s been with us for five or six seasons now and I was beginning to worry a bit as time was getting on and I hadn’t seen hide nor web-foot of him. That all ended today whilst I was pressure washing the area around the pool prior to draining, cleaning and filling for the up-coming season – and there he was, sitting on the skimmer and enjoying a good ‘misting’.

He looks great – in the green, so to speak. With so much to catch up on I can’t wait to get me shorts on, crack a tinny and have a few croaks. For more info about this great champion here in Okçular, click this link.

Carl Frogarty

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Fabulous. I used to have loads of frogs that bred in the tiny pond in my courtyard garden in Walthamstow. They use to hop into the house during the summer and made quite a racket. Frightened the life out of me when it first happened (just after I moved in). Had to shoo them away with a broom. Love frogs!

    1. this fellows been around for a few years, he’s big and distinctive. I thought that perhaps he’d shuffled off but he looks good for a lot more years. In fact he’s brought a bit of a harem with him this time round!

  2. I was a bit confused at the beginning of this post, wondering why a motor bike champion had webbed feet. But we had a dog called Charles Barclay that didn’t play basketball too well, so I think we’re on the same wave-length. (Should I be worried)

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