Incredible Okçular!


We love to go a-wandering, along the mountain track – although we tend not to sing, J and I do enjoy a good wander. Especially when, as yesterday, we find a new forestry track that opens up new vistas and new areas to scrabble about in.

I’m not planning to write much, just show you a little of what delighted us – apart from anything else, when we wandered off along a goat path, we found a super little place that only a bee-keeper seems to visit and we’re not telling any of you where it is!

the view to Çal Dağ

Iztuzu Beach and the Dalyan Delta

. . with a bit of zoom thrown in

local workplaces are a hive of activity

mountain meadow – a little oasis

. . a splash of colour on the track to somewhere – Anemone coronaria Crown Anemone

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

14 thoughts on “Valder-ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

    1. . . wrong song mate . . ‘where the bee sucks there suck I’ but we’re getting on to dodgy ground there!

  1. Alan, we almost burst out into a yodel, too. Lovely photos and yes, you’d better keep that place to yourself. Wouldn’t want a five-star hotel going up there, would we?

    1. . . you could come and walk off those flabby thighs you’re so concerned about! That said, I think you are exaggerating!

  2. Lovely!

    We only have the red anemones here though. Maybe the pink ones will come later.

    We had kind of the opposite experience yesterday. A familiar route was blocked. But I have to blog about that sometime…

    And you have visible snow!

    1. I’m not claiming that Okcular is unique but we do get the full colour range every year here – from white with white centre to white through palest pink to full red and palest blue through blue to purple. It is quite a sight!

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