Two Birds With One Stone

First Bird: Best Tourism Promotion Idea Of The Century!

Mostly, J and I stay away from our local ‘Tourist Mecca’ of Dalyan; it’s not that we have anything against the place, it’s just that we like our generally quiet life and have an aversion to the smell of deep-fat fryers and being accosted by every restaurant we pass. That said, we do need to go there from time to time to collect our mail or to buy coffee filters from M Migros (it’s only a little one).

Today was one of those days and although we are little known there, after fifteen years there are some business owners with whom we’ve developed friendly relations. With J in the US it wasn’t long before I was being commiserated with and plied with tea – on a warm morning with few tourists about yet, it’s very pleasant to sit and chew the fat.

With the season barely started these guys were already bemoaning the lack of quality tourists with money to spend. In every year past there has always been a very good reason for this; the Iraq War; earthquake; inflation; deflation – this year it is tensions with Syria! The fact that this once charming town has been torn down and covered with concrete buildings and block paving, turning it into just another nondescript, budget holiday place in an amazing setting  seems to pass many locals by. From unique to ordinary in a few short years.

However, I have a suggestion to boost tourism and put a rocket up the back pocket of business – why not twin Dalyan with Donegal in the Irish Republic! ‘What!’ I hear you say. Before you dismiss the idea here’s a promotional video – I think it would be a boon to local tourism – what do you think?

Bird Two: Coming Out!

When I got back from Dalyan I set about painting some railings I’ve just welded up. As often happens these days my mind wandered off on its own and rediscovered a time in my youth when I was a ‘hairy-arsed para’ (which is relevant). This has been a guilty secret for about 40 years, buried in one of the numerous padlocked cubby-holes of my mind, not even J knows about it! After all these years it’s time to bite the bullet and come out of the closet – I once paid good money to go to a Burl Ives concert at Farnborough Town Hall – I was 21 years old for Chri’sake! Can you believe that?

Phewww! Can’t tell you what a relief that is!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

6 thoughts on “Two Birds With One Stone

  1. Oh dear, Burl Ives. This is a confession too far. Some things are best left in the closet. Agree with you about Dalyan, though. It’s marginally better than Gumbet – chip fat alley, I call it, though this doesn’t stop Liam and I venturing over the hill to get rat-arsed from time to time.

  2. Shameful! Trouble is it’s like E=mc2 – once it’s out of the closet, it’s out of the closet. No going back!
    Chip fat alley – wish I’d thought of that.

    1. . . as long as you keep your eyes on the ‘outside’ it’s beautiful! Hope the Başkan doesn’t read this, I’m already in his bad books!

  3. Excuse me, but I’m a Burl Ives fan and proud, I’ll have you know. Ah yes – The Little Leather-Winged Bat, Wake Up Darlin’ Corey, Cotton-Eyed Joe – all great songs, so there! No reason to be ashamed. Loved the Goats Don’t Shave number.

    1. That’s all very well, but I was supposed to be a macho para! The Goats number is pretty relevant to the world of tourism and a hoot to boot!

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