Time-Warping Tardis Style

Time, they say is relative! Time is flexible (as long as you didn’t work for me in Prison Industries – those were the days)! Time can be warped! It can also get to be really wasted when you are trying to navigate your way around massive road works with partially signposted (but not to where you really want to be) directions!

So it was that J and I kept going around in circles for an hour and a half before a kind local came and held our hands and led us to an obscure, unsigned back alley that, he assured us, led to where we wanted go. Five minutes later we passed through a time portal and arrived!

Join us as we journey back fifty or a hundred years and see a rural Turkish village as it once was (sans the odd tractor). Welcome to Cumalıkızık in Bursa Province.

This is not some sterile museum piece; it is a place where people live and earn a crust from farming and a bit of nostalgia tourism for Turks. It lies a 5 minute drive from the main Bursa to Istanbul highway and unless you know about it and go looking for it you will have whizzed by on the underpass and be non-the-wiser.

It was a rainy, dull day and the light was poor, however, I hope you enjoy this photo-essay. I also hope you’ll excuse my obsession with knockers – it’s an age thing!

Cumalikizik historic village the local MMMM Migros

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

14 thoughts on “Time-Warping Tardis Style

  1. It is places like this that I love exploring. I worry for the small villages though as most of them do look run down and on their last legs

    1. . . this village was different in that Bursa Municipality was providing funds to restore many of the old houses, keeping their character. The mosque was a portakabin whilst the old mosque was under restoration. It is very heartening to find official enlightenment and we must hope that it spreads across the country.

  2. Look at those buildings! Yeah, it’s like time traveling. Did you get to try their village jams and bread?

    1. Hello Aida! First, welcome to Archers. We certainly did get to bring home some of the jams and bread, and some of their home-made pasta. Some for ourselves and some as gifts.

  3. Absolutely divine photography, Alan, as always. Enhanced, of course, by your overriding desire to find these little gems off the beaten track.

    But please!! No more talk of warped time travel. I have enough trouble with linear time.

    Mention of the possible flexibility of time did, however, bring to mind this demonstration chant:

    “What do we want?”

    “We want time travel!!”

    “When do we want it??”

    “Er…doesn’t really matter, actually”

    Which nicely states that these little gems will always be there for you, potentially!

    1. Thanks for that! J cracked up at your comments, which is unusual – well, she never seems to get my funnies, anyway!

    1. Hi Naomi! First of all, welcome to Archers! You are right, time and travel really can go together sometimes – when it does it can be magical.

    1. Hi HG and welcome to Archers! Thanks for the compliment and for taking the time to wander back through the archives.

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