The Spoils Of Victory

‘To the victor, the spoils’ (or words to that effect); 1832 by Senator William Learned Marcy (1786-1857) of New York. In the context of what he was talking about, war, I doubt he was a very pleasant individual – although a very typical Western ‘chicken-hawk’!

Anyway, back here in the present, it seems like an apt title to a post as I look back on two very different victories.

First; those of you who read these rambles or follow  my Facebookache feed will know about the battle to stop a very damaging geothermal project here in Okçular. Well, it took a bare three weeks but in the end it was stopped in its tracks by the resistance of the village; the unrivaled knowledge of the team that led the successful fight to save Yuvarlakçay and İztuzu Beach and the fact that the proprietor of the project was arrogant enough to think that he could drill within 25mts of our village cemetery and get away with it – he didn’t! He was served with a closure notice and told to get out, cap the well and clean up the mess.

A victory, then? Well, some and some! Here are few photos of the ‘spoils’:

Okcular sondaj1

the lubrication/slurry pit now filled with rubbish from three weeks of abuse

Okcular sondaj2

Okcular sondaj3

There is still equipment waiting to be removed and it will be ‘interesting’ to see what ‘cleaning the site’ means. That said, it remains a victory!

Second; I have been much distracted by the exploits of my grandson and his crew-mates from University of California, Berkeley rowing team known as the Cal Bears at Henley Royal Regatta this year. This young man has, with his team-mates,  worked his way into the Henley record books by setting a new course record for the class whilst winning the Visitors’ Challenge Cup. As stroke his roll was key. J and I are nearly as proud as his mum and dad – bathing in the glow of reflected glory, indeed!

So, do indulge me just a bit longer and browse the photos and enjoy the video:

Cal Bears henley2

the fabulous Cal Bears crew

Cal Bears at Henley1

the moment of victory

Visitor's challenge Cup

 the silver – Visitors’ Challenge Cup


the boy with the silver

. . to the victors

morg and anita

proud mum

. . and finally, the record breaking race.  So, two very different battles with two very different victory spoils – both pretty special! Thanks for your indulgence . .

Alan Fenn, from a reprieved Okçular Köyü

19 thoughts on “The Spoils Of Victory

  1. Hi Alan. On a wet day in London your post has really made my day but I am saddened by the pictures of the scars these rotters leave behind them. Well done, I am delighted for all who live in your beautiful valley. Great news. Congratulations to your very handsome Grandson and his team mates. It’s a very well done week all round for you and yours. Best wishes to you all. Mary.

  2. A big congratulations hug to you and J, Alan. What battles are fought and won on the ground in a village like Okcular tells you more about what is happening in Turkey than all the bluster coming out of the capital. As for the race, that was indeed an exciting video! I suppose those drones have a good use, after all.

    1. Thanks Sds, we’ve just returned from a few days and nights in the mountains to recuperate – needed it after all the excitements!

  3. The mess that’s been left is believeable, I hope to god it doesn’t stay like that. !!!!!! And Morgan OH ! what can I say, So very proud of him for you all, it was just great to watch. See you soon.

  4. Grandparents are allowed to gloat as much as they want to about their grandchildren, aren’t they? Thought that was a rule of life. 😉 Congratulations to him and congratulations on the fast work re the geothermal project. Hope everything gets cleared up soon.

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