The Second Coming?

Yesterday I posted up a rather naff bit of drivel titled ‘The Sucu Cometh’ about our trials and tribulations with water and plumbers. To my utter astonishment the hits on this are going through the roof with no signs, as yet, of any abatement.

Why? Stats show that Stumble Upon is the source of these hits and the Eastern and Mid-Western US the origin of the ‘hitters’. As the sunrise spreads westwards the hits move along with it. Duration of stay is fairly short which indicates some serious disappointment from those seekers after ‘something’ – my question is – what is that something? Tags for Plumbers; Flanders and Swann; Gasman; Tommy Steele or Solar Heating System don’t really cut it.

Then I remembered a post from Jack at Perking the Pansies a while back, about his nephew’s lyric writing that went viral because a bunch of bods in the US thought it was a sign-up for some talent show, and this got me thinking (usually a rather disordered process). The title of my post is ‘The Sucu Cometh’ and in great swathes of the US (a terrible generalisation, I

dyslexic as well!

know) there are seekers after some sort of ‘Rapture’ or ‘Second Coming’ and a ‘Sucu’ or Plumber just might be fitting their bill. After all, first time around the ‘Messiah’ chap was a ‘Marangoz’ or Carpenter so why not a Plumber in the next life?

Hey! Archers could build a real cult following here – maybe I’ll do a new post about ‘Emlakci (Estate Agent) Walks on Water’. Nah! I think that’s pushing credibility a bit too far!

Alan Fenn, Okcular Koyu

14 thoughts on “The Second Coming?

    1. Sister, you never spoke a truer word – although Okcular has been over-run by the buggers just lately!

  1. Rapture gopher! I love it. Yes, being American sure has been getting embarrassing lately. I thought having to explain Bush was bad enough, but now the religious nuts are everywhere.

    1. . . have family over there so know the reality – just look at the ‘occupy’ movement and know that the loony tunes, Obama and the rest of the establishment have not yet extinguished the American’s Dreams (never was an American Dream) – not while Rapture Gopher is around, anyway! :-D.

  2. What a shame you changed your mind about the estate agent walking on water. Mind you I think these days the words, estate agents and expats do not mix!

    1. Dear me, Natalie; hope you’re not implying that estate agents, the world over, have a lousy reputation – whatever next?

  3. Ohhh go on. I love that potential title…just as a test of course. Stumble Upon will always remain one of life’s great mysteries – just as an emlakçı being able to walk on water would be. 🙂

  4. Hey Alan, I agree with Julia that stumble upon shall continue to remain enigmatic! I hope miracles work, sooner or later. BTW, which is the language of the text on the second image?

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