The Flowery Garden – Çiçekli Bahçe Motel

I’ve heard it said (although not recently) that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden. In the case of this delightful and really rather precious place, I wouldn’t doubt it for one moment!

Formerly known as ‘Kibile’ which means ‘Tribe’ in Turkish, Çiçekli Bahçe Motel is anything but ordinary – there is a feel about the place; an ambiance that is uniquely comforting and comfortable, rather like being wrapped in a protecting blanket that filters out the ugly, pressurised world that lies out there, beyond its boundary. It really is like stepping through a portal into another world, and I well remember that my immediate reaction upon turning in through the entrance way was to smile broadly!

You find yourself in a largish, enclosed courtyard filled with venerable olive trees, and dripping with flowers and vines. The eighteen rooms, housed in two single-story terraces are ranged down each side with the dining area, which overlooks the ‘private’ beach, directly ahead. The overall effect is inviting and intimate.

Rooms are simple, clean, cool, relaxing and air-conditioned if you need it. There is wireless internet connection throughout.

a very happy camper

Meals are magnificent! Most of the vegetables come from their own, organic garden across the road. This part of the world also produces some of the finest olives and olive oil to be found anywhere, plus there are several unique varieties of local cheeses. Breakfasts put to shame any one of the many, so-called, high-class or flashy boutique hotels that we have ever stayed at. There is such variety, such quality and so much – of everything! The evening meal is of the same high standard – there might not be a menu exactly, but you don’t need one. Help yourself to as much as you want of the huge selection of mezes (hors d’oeuvres) which will then be followed, in the chef’s own good time, by the main course. They serve decent wine and a variety of different rakı and other spirits, and you will be looked after by their eclectic collection of mostly, young staff.

Çiçekli Bahçe meals are very satisfying things indeed!

As a place to unwind for a few days, or longer, this simple, beautiful little motel takes a lot of beating. The beach is stoney but their jetty takes you out to where you are standing on sand. The views are great and the sunsets stunning!

There are also attractions nearby like Assos, Kaz Dağ Mountains, Adatepe historic village, an olive/oil museum where working seminars are held using the equipment on display and a few kilometres up the road towards Ayvacık can be found the stalls of the local, organic farming cooperative where you can spend what remains of the family fortune on some of the finest produce this side of the Next World!

How did we find this place? A friend recommended it to us. Am I suggesting you might love this place, too? Damn right, I am! It’s what friends are for!

Çiçekli Bahçe lies on the narrow, twisting coastal road mid-way between Küçükkuyu and the historic site of Assos, in the village of Sazlı Köyü. Their season runs from May to September, so you are too late for a visit this year but there’s nothing to stop you digging out next year’s calender and doing a bit of planning and dreaming! You can check them out here; email them (ciceklibahce at msn dot com); or give them a call (0532 663 3495/0541 294 6240).

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

22 thoughts on “The Flowery Garden – Çiçekli Bahçe Motel

  1. I am so glad that you are honoring this place – we love it so and go as much as we can – Hatice Hanim runs a wonderful ship, clearly the fairy godmother!

    1. . . first – thanks for the tip! We love the place too – it will not be the last visit. (together?) Hatice and Ibrahim were not around when we visited; that pleasure is yet to be enjoyed. Such a wonderful place!

    1. . . compared with the up-market ‘Butik Hotel’ we stayed in later on the trip where the breakfast consisted of tomato, dried-up cucumber, honey, pot of jam and bread we were in Shangri-La – you will be too when you visit. Super place!

  2. This is going on our list of places to visit next year. We passed along that road some years back, on our way from Babakale to Bergama. Thanks for sharing.

  3. it’s really a good place to visit for. I wish I can go to there :). I can feel the nature just by seeing the parts of them in these pictures.

  4. Am I too late to comment? Just catching up with my reading and saw this one! As you may know, we have a house in Assos and know that road to Küçükkuyu intimately but don’t know this place. Sazlı is up in the hills though, not by the sea so am unsure where exactly this is. It looks wonderful and you can be sure we’ll check it out! Thanks!

    1. . . first, it’s never too late to comment on any of the posts – I’ll always respond! It’s a delightful place – we were introduced by friends and were enchanted by the place – it would be our base of choice whenever we are in the area. They keep a fairly short season; from May to September.

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